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    • I've never met an adult or youth who've complained about physical injuries haunting them later in life resulting from scouting activities.  I have met a multitude of people facing knee and shoulder injuries due to baseball and football.  There is a relationship between sports injuries and prescription drug addictions.  In many locales, there is a toxic drug culture to be found in HS football culture.
    • Thanks for the great input, please keep adding thoughts.   Sure @Sentinel947, if your QM is willing to share that would at least give me some other ideas to consider.  Regardless how we arrange the patrols and how we arrange the schedule, managing food for that many people out of the space we have will be a challenge.  Maybe we can move the dry goods out of the kitchen and use one of the other buildings to pack/portion them, hm... And that is our challenge in general - with this increase in size we are at the limits of the space we use.  The next step will be to move to the other camp, but since we hold the course during staff week of summer camp, we'll also have to change when we hold the course.  Ah - good problems to have.    
    • I agree, so our pack chose to rebel a bit to build community spirit. We bough custom unit patches like this (that's not our Pack/location though). The kids like them, and parents love them since their easier to sew than 3 separate numbers & veteran bar (and including the Established year instead of the veteran bar means they don't expire every 5 years). 
    • I agree ... We were better with <city> troop <#> Problems ... many of our troops pull from multiple cities.  Personally, I don't see it as a big issue if my kid was in a neighboring city troop.  It would be interesting ... Metropolis Troop 5.    identifying troops would be harder.  Data input would be harder and would always require city and state.  
    • Sports teams usually have a much closer identification with their towns and schools than scout units have with their Chartered Organizations.  As a result, the towns and schools come out to support the teams.  This often makes kids feel like they are playing for the honor of their town or school.  I think it was a big mistake for scouting to replace the name of the community (on the uniform) with the council patch.    
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