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    • I guess that would be the same as going over a supervisors head at work. Makes for awkward situations afterwards.  Not that that I want to attempt, just asking out of curiosity.
    • Topic: Putting the pieces together, page 4: Bearess said: "Well, my son’s Troop (in a rural but very liberal state) already has mixed patrols.  They currently have six girls, out of a troop of thirty. " Did you forget?
    • This can happen if the COR (Chartered Organization Representative) is also a member of the unit committee, creating a sort of super-committee. I don't think this is a good idea because, as you mentioned, it tends to undermine the authority of the Scoutmaster/Cubmaster.  
    • This forum being what it is, I feel compelled to say that the following is sarcasm: Sure, the next movie is going to have no female characters, just men.  And no alien males either, because in the current political climate who wants to see them, so all human men.  Unfortunately I'm not quite sure which human men are still alive, except the ex-stormtrooper and what's-his-name, Rey's new boyfriend, and maybe Lando.  And whatever happened to Wedge Antilles.  (Sorry, my "peak" as a Star Wars fans was sometime around the release of Episode VI, and I'm talking about the version with the force-ghost of the old Anakin at the end, not the Haydn Christensen Anakin.) The preceding comment has been sarcasm, well except that parenthetical part at the end, that was serious.  The sarcasm is now over.  Only serious comments will follow. They clearly don't expect one, they expect the opposite.  Whether they should or not has of course been a matter of debate, but I think the discussion of what will happen is mainly a waste of time at this point.  Predictions of the future aren't worth the pixels they're printed on.  We will know when it does or doesn't happen. And back to Star Wars for a second, the fact is that movies have had social-change themes forever.  A few days ago my wife and I happened to run across the movie "Desk Set" (Tracy-Hepburn) on tv and watched most of it, for about the 20th time.  It was made "a long, long time ago," 1957 I believe.  I wonder how some here would have reacted to parts of that when it came out. On the other hand, as I said the last time this subject came up, sometimes a movie is just a movie.
    • I think people are just burned out on Star Wars. My brother-in-law is a die-hard SW fan, has multiple Star Ward tattoos and always goes to opening night releases for the new films. He hasn't seen Solo yet. Disney is over-doing it, that's why Solo numbers are lower than typical for a Star Wars film. They were announcing the Boba Fett film as Solo came out. Is every character going to get their own film now? Maybe there's still hope for Jar Jar to make a comeback. I just don't think it's a fair comparison to the BSA. The film franchise and our organization have very different challenges and different factors in play when it comes to their successes and failures.   
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