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    • ""It Depends"".   Pot luck?  Catered by La Rive Gauche ?   It is up to the Pack, depending on their bank account, their desire for intimacy, simplicity, whether it's a "par-tay" to celebrate BSA's birthday or another Pack Meeting to hand out rank and awards.  AOL crossover?  Magician?  Clown in town?  Scales and Tales?  Charge a small fee, a large fee, sell a lot of popcorn, beefsticks  and campcards and the Pack pays for it?  One year our ACM went shopping, found an Out Back whose manager was very Scout friendly and who evidently needed some "numbers"  for his district rating.  He catered our B&G FOR FREE !  Strip steaks,  potatoes, salad, rolls, butter and jam,  chocolate brownies....  we had to provide beverages...  mucho leftovers, little cleanup.   "It Depends". 
    • The Beading Ceremony should be enough of a "present"  present.  I like the idea of an antique(!) Cub book and photo bookmark, but if it were me, I would present it privately, after the ceremony. 
    • My district has NO snow days built in. They had been scheduled to release the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.  We are now up to 6 June. At one area camp, staff week may be impacted. At another, First session will be four days in.   
    • Our pack had a financial model where Scouts paid for events as they go.  So, one year we decided to have our B&G catered.  It ended up being about $5-10 per person.  We had no objections from families.  In fact, most of our families told us that they preferred paying a little bit to avoid having to pull together a potluck dinner. I think you really just have to know your pack families.  $20-$40 to attend the B&G wasn't going to break any of our families, so we traded some convenience over saving money.  Worked well for us.  Had we been a pack with a different set of families, maybe we wouldn't have done that.  
    • Charging people to attend B&G?!?  We have always had very lovely B&G events, but they have never been so expensive as to require additional costs from the family. For example, in our pack, the committee buys a dozen big lasagnas from Costco, and the leaders and a few willing parents each take one or two to cook and bring to the venue just before the dinner. A few bags of rolls and some easily thrown-together salads complete a filling, pleasant, affordable meal that boys this age enjoy as much as their parents do. Decorations are simple - blue and yellow tablecloths and eating ware, boy-made centerpieces, some pictures on the walls, etc. The entire cost to feed about 130 people last night was under $200, well within our modest budget without needing to charge families. If you can find any way to cut costs and make it easier for all of your families to attend, I recommend it with all my heart. The point of the Blue and Gold is to celebrate the history and purpose of Scouting, not just to put on a show. Make your presentations meaningful and your program relevant, and even the humblest meal can be better than a feast for the families who enjoy it.
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