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    • That's a concern of mine as well. Or it would be a hard sell to scout families to commit.
    • It's weird in that this was a "gift" of $1,000 previously and now it's become a thing you have to do to get that same $1,000. It could still be perceived as completely generous and helpful to the pack/troop, but it just has a bit of a negative to it when it is presented in this way, demanding that you work for it or you won't get it anymore.  If you're comfortable with it, go for it. I wouldn't do it if it were me, but only because I know it would be a challenge to organize enough scouts on a monthly basis to work the burger stand. The monthly commitment, the need to be there each and every month, that'a tough, and I'd be nervous about that commitment getting in the way of other activities. 
    • We had a similar situation. The boy scouts did the concessions stand at school ballgames, freeing up the sports parents so that they could watch their kids play. 
    • Just for starters the CO has given us $1000 every January for years to help with our recharter cost. I understand completely that they do not need to give us any money and that they are very generous. I am thankful for that. Our CO has a public event one Wednesday a month. We were asked by the CO to sell brats and hamburgers at it for a fundraiser. Ok, sounds good. Captive audience, good exposure, helping our CO. Win-Win. Now that I have found out more info, they want to withhold our yearly $1000 payment only if we commit to every month having the cookout fundraiser, and any profits go to the CO. Short and sweet our scouts work the sale and the CO keeps the money, and only then will we get the $1000. I do not know if we get to keep any additional money above and beyond the $1000, my guess is no. We are having another meeting about this with our COR, both the troop and pack committee, and other leaders. In the meantime, what does everyone think? 
    • That's ridiculous. I run recruiting for my Pack and I'd quit the job in an instant if my district wanted that much control over how we recruit.  Guess I'm lucky. My DE showed up at our last recruiting night and the only time he talked to me was to just say that he was impressed with what we were doing. Beyond that he watched from the sidelines and that's exactly where a district rep belongs at a recruitment event. 
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