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    • Nope.  Our ink never freezes, but it has been known to boil on a warm summer day.
    • This happened to our pack years ago too.  Recharter fee changes announced in September are too late for the pack to budget and adjust.  IMHO, BSA is dancing two sides of the fence.  Sometimes chasing money directly from families.  Sometimes chasing money from the units.  
    • Just as a point of note.  Your council's scout executive and district executive have just about 0 influence on the national fees.  The council is completely separate from the national organization. Ouir council's exec and board is just as frustrated as we all are with this.   The national organization is under severe stress right now.  Lawsuits out the ears, rising insurance rates. and bankruptcy around the corner.  This isn't a time when the national organization is just being lazy.  I'm not here to cut them any slack - but I do get it.  I think we all just have to wait this one out.  My advice - just be honest with parents.  I'd tell me families exactly that and let them know we'll pass on the info when we all find it out.  We all have moments in life where stuff happens - whether at work, at home, whatever.  If we're honest with families and don't make it sound like National is just being careless here - I do think families will understand.
    • Absolutely. There are 2 "worst practices" that I've seen council/district staff do:
      1. Far too short time slots. 
      2. "Double-up" merit badges --- you can't even adequately cover 1 MB in the inadequate time alotted....so let's have you cover *TWO*!
    • @RememberSchiff nice photo of the scout troop you posted in your reply...funny you picked that one because I'm planning an upcoming blog essay on early Boy Scout bands and drum/bugle corps in Virginia in the near future....
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