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    • So you wouldn't allow fund raising dates to be booked until after both the proposal and fund raising application have been signed? Congratulations to your son on his project!  Yes, asking volunteers to work in oppressive heat isn't easy.  Good luck to him.
    • Yes don't raise until after the District has approved the project and signed the addendum to raise money. My son's project is an expensive one $1500 and 50% came from him reaching out to the local mountain bike community as it is a mountain bike trail, the other were mainly my work friends that saw his gofundme page on facebook. The great thing about the project has been the great support he has been getting from the mountain bike community, both money and volunteers,  It is a project that they get benefit from and they are putting in their money/labor to support this project that they will be getting benefit from. I just wish Summer didn't hit with a vengance, all work has basically stopped until it gets a little cooler.
    • With the Scouts home since mid-March there has been an increase in the number of projects both within our Troop and District.  They have had a lot of free time!  Unfortunately none of the projects are for the Charter Org.  
    • The Scouts are raising anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending upon the project.  My true concern is being fair.  We have more than one Eagle Coach in the Troop and I want them to be able to say to our Scouts that they can ONLY reserve dates on the calendar after XXX is done.  
    • No strict rule exists.  The positive view is you've got a great problem to handle.  Ten scouts going for Eagle.  Great!    Find a fair process / rule / idea.  Approved project proposal write-ups before "conceptual" projects that are not signed off yet. Time sensitive projects first. First come, first served?  The tangential comment you will get is it's very unusual to get ten scouts at the same time.  It's even more unusual to have ten all asking for fundraising from the charter org.  Did the charter org have a list of suggested projects?  Or is there an "overly" supportive eagle coach?   Or are they just feeding off each other's ideas?  That does happen. 
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