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    • As if the negative feedback comments of the on another forum regarding the following are not clear.  “To the extent permitted by applicable law, I hereby consent to and authorize the Boy Scouts of America and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, other related entities, successors, and/or assigns (the “Company”) to procure consumer report(s), which may include criminal background check(s) and/or investigative consumer report(s), on my background from a consumer reporting agency (“CRA”) or from an investigative consumer reporting agency (“ICRA”), as described in the Background Check Disclosure (which I have received separately from the Company), as well as these Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization. I have reviewed and understand the information, statements, and notices in the Background Check Disclosure, as well as these Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization. My authorization remains valid throughout my volunteer relationship with the Company, such that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, I agree Company can procure additional consumer report(s), which may include criminal background check(s), during my volunteer relationship without providing additional disclosures or obtaining additional authorizations. Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, I consent to and authorize the Company to share this information with Company’s current or prospective clients, customers, others with a need to know, and/or their agents for business reasons (e.g., to place me in certain positions, work sites, etc.). I understand that, if I am selected for a volunteer position, a consumer report will have been conducted on me.” ..The problem was in the fine print of it." By signing, volunteers are agreeing for BSA to obtain a consumer report to check things like a criminal background and driving background. The Jennings are in agreement with that. Other information that can be collected, though, like character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living, they say is too much. There's also concern BSA could check personal financial reports. "It doesn't specifically say that they will go after your financial records, but they could," Emily said. And, if it did, who would have access to it and would it be shared? The authorization form, if signed, gives consent to BSA to share the information with current or prospective clients, customers or others with a "need to know" business reason. Sources close to BSA say the information will be used solely for criminal background checks and will not include credit checks or inquiries about living conditions or personal reputations. Jeff Moe, the scout executive with Simon Kenton Council, says information would only be shared internally. "The authorization to share information merely allows our national organization to share the results with local councils," Moe said. "The BSA does not sell private information of its members." BSA says federal and state laws dictate what is stated in the disclosure forms required from volunteers. Because of that, the Jennings are prepared to walk away from the organization they love. "That's the way it was presented," Mike said. "It was an ultimatum; sign this document or we can't renew your charter. As a volunteer, I need to have some protection of my privacy and I need to know what my data's being used for, where it's being stored, who can access it and there's nothing spelled out in that [authorization] document that gives me that comfort level." https://www.10tv.com/article/some-boy-scouts-volunteers-say-new-background-checks-are-too-invasive-2019-nov   What the Background Check Disclosure states  (or does not state) and the BSA (National and Council) explanations are not  consistent. 
    • Shouldn't be necessary as certainly Council checked the name  back when the blue card was processed. The  trustworthy word of the SM and Scout should be enough without a Congressional investigation. IMO, the Eagle Application  should be just be 1 page.  My $0.02,
    • Bottom up and scout-driven. All Scouting is local. Provide an adventurous, scout-run scouting program in our units and our enthused scouts will spread the word.   My $0.02,
    • Sorry, but It's going to take more than a new slogan, however good that new slogan might be.
    • I've staffed Wood Badge courses and see all kinds of people attend.  I think it's pretty fair to say that it certainly helps to see value in being an optimistic, goal oriented leader.   Yes, it would be useful to be optimistic enough to think you can achieve that goal. But, yeah - if you look at the 20 questions and alarm bells go off, then a different kind of course probably makes more sense.  As @mrkstvns suggests, perhaps the subject matter courses would be a more comfortable fit.
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