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    • There is definitely some irony in this response. Barry  
    • Parkman, I understand how it can seem that the ridicule level is higher than deserved.  But I can truthfully say the WB communities I've seen over the decades (several councils) have more than earned the criticism. It's not that it's an accepted practice so much as a frank assessment of how many WBers collectively act.    Their condescending attitudes aside, when a group within the BSA feels it's their right to hijack any public event--camporee campfires, courts of honor for scouts, roundtables, etc.--to spend up to 45 minutes presenting a set of beads, that's the clincher.  In front of a listless and often incredulous audience, the WBers sally forth with endless stories, critter songs, mutual-admiration, inside jokes and such, completely tone-deaf to how their actions are being perceived. Whether it's beading ceremonies, or the pushy sales presentations, or anything else discussed here, I consider it valid feedback.  For good or ill.  The WB community would be miles ahead if they tailored actions and attitudes accordingly.  But no.  Since the feedback comes from the Great Unwashed Non-Beaded Folks, it is discounted and ignored.   Darn shame, because if the WB community a) toned down the braggadocio, and b) ditched the power point death march and focused on outdoor adventure (hiking, cooking, camping instead of sitting in a mess hall or at a picnic table), WB courses would have waiting lists of folks wanting to join.  The ball is strictly in WB's court.
    • Same reason folks refer to new Scouters (in their estimation anyone less than 20+ years of experience) as a group who's ruining the patrol method.  The same reason they refer to women scouters as a group who want to turn Scouting into Family Camp. I guess it's a combination of ease of convenience and small-mindedness.
    • Clearly that was inappropriate and wrong.  Scouters make bad choices all the time. Reminds me of a time we took our Cub Pack to the Council Cuboree.  The OA folks decided that it would be great to have an hour long OA drumming demonstration at the evening Cuboree campfire.  So, 6 guys came out and drummed for an hour in front of 600 participants. Needless to say our pack lasted 15 minutes.  We did enjoy great sport that night back at the campsite "Hey Bob - are they still going?  Yep".  Classic.  OA Call Out Ceremonies around here are kinda like that too.  Ok, we have a great Camporee campfire and then at the end and spend 15 minutes tapping out new OA members.  It's great fun for the new OA members.  The younger guys or the ones that don't get elected are often bored to tears.
    • Then why do folks keep referring to WB'ers as a group - like they're all the same?  The WB'ers ruined this, the WB'ers ruined that.  Look at the WB'ers - they're messing stuff up again. It just feels like whatever personal frustration folks have grown into a sort of thing where "real scouters get to make fun of the WB'ers."
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