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    • Registrations come in continuously, not just in the fall. This probably the case with Packs whose tag-alongs have been chomping at the bit to be official. On the flip side, since attrition really is tallied until rechartering, that hasn't been counted, so BSA is playing a little fast-and-loose with the stats. I got a new tent and I don't care who borrows it. How's that for infrastructure?
    • Feel confirmed! Advancement milestones and terms in PoRs don't have to line up. Actually, a lot of our scouts have PoRs since year 1. So they often might be wrapping up the last two months of one and starting another at the beginning of their time as a first class scout. Those scouted will be ready for Star after their time in a PoR -- any of them covers 4 months. So, a First Class scout who started a year commitment as a DC could use that position for Star and Life ranks and part of Eagle if he's diligent with the MBs and pedagogy requirements. Since many of our scouts take a few years to achieve 1st class, they often have the requisite number of MBs, and achieving Star and Life that way is pretty common.
    • Some folks in other patrols really struggled with identifying ticket items. Our troop guide made us come up with five ideas the first afternoon.  We each of us put them on our own white board*, for our other patrol members to  see, and comment on. This allowed for rapid development without angst. As individuals we  brainstormed each others ticket items until everything was baked by Wednesday. We all thought about our items before arriving, so it was just a matter of mapping them a WB dogma. None of the 25 tickets items were the same. * we got to meet in a training room, with miles of whiteboards.    
    • That means nearly half will be leaving Cubs in the next two years and expecting to transition to a Scouts BSA troop. We’ve got to have the infrastructure ready, or they’re going to vanish.
    • Thanks for sharing!   You’re letting me re live our coral seas adventure earlier this summer.  It looks like everyone on your adventure had a great time. 
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