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    • We had 3 scout eligible this spring and two were elected then a short time before the Call Out ceremony out Chapter adult leader call to tell me that he could put the third scout in since he can put in deserving scouts that don't get elected.  I told him that I have never heard of that before and no the troops vote can stand but he replied that there weren't many scout elected for our chapter.  Sometimes it feels like they want more Arrowmen just to have a larger audience to sell all of their OA swag to.
    • Fully agree.  I've been wondering of the OA would be better off by ncreasing the requirements and then combining chapters and perhaps even doing away with them.    
    • Thanks for the feedback folks!  I welcome more. I know many look at FoS negatively.  As a leader in a big pack and big troop, I've come to understand that the council relies on FoS contribution to pay for services that we use, so we're happy to encourage our parents to contribute.  When I got involved, we treated FoS like an obligation and our families could tell.  As our leadership spoke more positively about it, we saw contributions go up dramatically.  I recognized that families that enjoy Scouting are often happy to financially support it.  So, I'm just looking for ideas how to do the presentations effectivly.
    • Owls Are Cool: At some point in these kinds of dispute-prone circumstances a Scouter has to ask whether the potential task is worthy of what the Scouter brings to the table.  You have energy, Scouting experience and a great heart.  I cannot know if you are at the point where you need to ask and answer that question, but surely you have some local confidant you can download with.  I think in your case the question is: "Is it better for me to exert the next 3 years of my volunteer time building a great new Troop at a different location without meddlesome interference, or is it important enough for me to spend the same amount of time salvaging an existing Troop through a series of managed disputes?"  Said differently: "Why not start fresh somewhere else where I can immediately begin to implement great Scouting instead of delaying that time to a point when a series of disputes are mostly-resolved and troublemakers are mostly-gone?"  I spend a good amount of time in my career circumstances dealing with unavoidable disputes and I am pretty good at it.  However, I do not resolution of disputes to dominate my volunteer life.  Earlier in my Scouting activity I did not ask that question as often as I should have.  You have nothing you need to prove other than that you are a fine father who wants to assure a great Scouting experience for his son.  If you determine to form a new Troop, do is with a fine spirit, providing compliments to everyone at the old Troop.  It never, ever, helps to share what will be regarded as negative comments by those left behind.  People on this post are never going to understand more than 20% of the relevant facts here, but I'm sensing that you might be holding on too-tightly.  
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