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    • Ya, they muddied the water with that graphic. I think my reply still remains valid though. Non-troop scouts (cubs of either gender) at a troop event are the responsibility of the parent and not the troop and if a scouter wants to bring his family to a troop event, the troop does not have to supply female leaders just because the family might include scouting females. They are not a member of the troop - they are not the responsibility of the troop.
    • That is what it once meant.  As BSA's rep here likes to say, it's not 1954 anymore.  Once, Boy Scouting was the iconic program for boys.  Now it reaches lress than 5$ of eligible youth in our area.  For the new pursuit of membership see https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Family-Scouting_Infographic_v10-1.pdf
    • Yeah agreed, I think the thoughts of National are that the scout should be thrifty and try to work with local merchants for donations of supplies vs. just getting money,  I do this it is a valuble skill for the scout to talk with the manager of Home Depot or whatever to see how they can help.  I wish more boys did that vs. just putting up a webpage to have mom and dad ask for money.  There is a life skill for sure.  I encourage our scouts to do both.
    • Yeah, we shall see what happens.  After his first trip with the Sea Scout ship, he is fully engaged and had the "best scouting time of his life" (his words).  In the car back we discussed how many hours he spent on the water to track and he started tallying the hours up.  
    • Good article, I found the groups they highlighted were not all the same. From what I could read the BOLD and GOLD seemed to be ongoing programs, not unlike the Boy Scouts program.  Likely a stable membership group.  That group saw value in the single gender as the groups did activities.  Let them be more open within that group The Outward Bound and the Lasting Adventures, the Yosemite-based guiding service for young adults may have a different perspective in that they are more single event groups.  The Outward Bound acknowledged that both are good, the Lasting Adventures may be looking at a more commercial focus, the butts in seats need for revenue.  Not saying that their input is not valid, just they are coming at it from different perspectives. That is going to be the challenge moving forward, (speaking only for the Boy Scouts 11 -17 program) how to balance those that may want single gender and those that want for all intents and purposes coed.  Let's be honest, the linked troop is a coed unit. For many units they have little to no interaction with other units so the impact will be very minimal.  Our troop does 13 - 15 outdoor activities each year.  The high adventure, Seabase or Philmont is crew based and from a functional perspective will go on as currently operating.  For our troop campouts no changes.  Over the years we have not attended any district or council camporees.  Not that we work against those, just not a high attendance event for the troop.  Not we have 90 +/- Scouts in the unit.  We are patrol based, youth led, and will continue that way.  Not moving to family camping in any way.  The summer camps, we attend 2 each summer, and we wonder what the impact may be.  Likely minimal, but who knows. I trust the BSA will respect and support the troops / units that desire to remain single gender.  That is what works for them, many have been and continue to be successful.  There is value in both approaches.
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