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    • Bear claws? Bear claws? Bear Claus?
    • I'm really disappointed in this thread.  I clicked hoping for a discussion and recipes for some sugary, gooey, pastry goodness, and you guys are talking about can openers.
    • @Liz, both @FireStone and @WonderBoy make a valid point here. Knives are among the sacred objects of Scouting and I can completely understand the desire to hand down to a son or daughter a cherished tool, like a pocket knife. You could easily have a single knife--your own--as the one your Cubs use to fulfill the requirement in question.  On a side note, I once stepped in it (royally) when I purchased a Scouting tool for one of the Scouts in my Troop. During a camping trip this young man was showing great interest in fire-building and, as a way to encourage his new skills, I purchased one of those Swedish fire steel tools and presented it in front of the Troop. Within a day I found out from the Scout's mother that he was mis-using the fire steel...in his bedroom.  I always err on the side of caution when presenting gifts to Scouts.  Good luck to you! LeCastor 
    • My dad did a tour with the national guard in Hawaii, one of my brothers was born at the time. (I hope one of us still has the telegram from Mom announcing the birth.) A bit of a hardship, but not much. He returned state-side no worse for the wear. Cushy assignment ... check. He would have recommended it to anyone. About month later (I think) Pearl harbor was bombed. So, all of us know (or should know) that most of our vets aren't going to literally take flak. But, for five years, the odds are a good bit higher against you than most civilians. That's the whole point of a war machine ... just few are the blade's edge, while the rest provide the heft to drive it home. We are right to be grateful. But I also can respect the discomfort implied by the standard greeting. So, keep considering ... please.
    • I will be using these terms and completely avoid trouble: BSA BSA for Boys BSA for Girls Cubs Cubs for Boys Cubs for Girls Venturing
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