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    • I'll echo what T2Eagle said.  While the summer camp we went to last year did have a priest come in on Sunday, not everywhere does that.  When I did Wood Badge, I had to make it back to town for the last Mass of the day (fortunately we have a 9pm Sunday available!)
    • Thanks @qwazse!  I appreciate the words and encouragement. In our Cub Scout pack we did something similar.  As a result, one of the largest GSUSA troops in our area grew out of that.  My daughter's first experience in Girl Scouting was in that troop.  They really were a separate GSUSA troop and BSA pack.   However, it reinforced for me that kids are kids.  Thank you!
    • In my Council we have to Wood badge courses each year one is Thursday through Saturday the other Friday through Sunday. Many IOLS courses or Friday Saturday While others are Saturday Sunday. Our last Council camporee there were religious services for Catholic Protestant and Jewish. We have significant LDS. After the LDS church leave in 2020, We shall see if these offerings diminish. 
    • Actually the application does call out that the candidate does need to  - List the names of individuals who know you personally and would be willing to provide a recommendation on your behalf. And from the G2A Must list all six (five if not employed). If not affiliated with an organized religion, then the parent or guardian provides this reference. There are no restrictions on who the Scout may list for his two other references. He can list anyone he chooses, including parents or guardians not previously listed, other relatives, Scout leaders including those from his unit, or other Scouts and friends. There is no requirement that any of the references be 21 years of age or older.  
    • I think it's rare these days to arrange for Mass at scout camps.  It was the norm when I was a kid.  Frankly there just aren't enough priests available to do it as often.  I think it is something that should be taken into consideration for something like Woodbadge.  The leaders should at least find out local Mass (and Synagogue) times and make them available and make sure that attendance can be accommodated. I'm not a fan of scout's own services partly because I find them almost inevitably not non-denominational enough, and partly because they don't fulfill my obligation to attend Mass so they don't meet my religious needs. For my own troop, we're sponsored by a Catholic parish, if we're not going to be back home before the last Mass of the day, we find a parish near where we're camping and attend Mass there.  We've learned to give the locals a heads up because we're usually talking about really small parishes where we may double the congregation and we want to be sure there's enough communion wafers available.  One time we didn't and the priest asked us to let the regular parishioners go first;  we were getting 1/4 servings by the end.
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