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    • So Mrjeff, how did you decide to narrow down your top 6 from your 13?  I needed to come up with some rational for my decision.
    • Interesting perspective.  For many boys, that last few months of Webelos is tough to get through. The boys are getting tired of the pack program and are itching for new challenges and a ramped up outdoor program. They WANT to be done with Webelos and starting a new chapter in a troop... The issue was discussed in a "Bryan on Scouting" article here...
      https://scoutingmagazine.org/2018/10/how-to-avoid-a-final-year-webelos-burnout/  I suppose this will vary from boy to boy and unit to unit, and if you are getting a 100% retention, then I wouldn't mess with your recipe....but for a lot of kids, moving into a troop quickly works better for them, and for the troops, it's often easier to have the boys come in as a group at a predictable point in time (like January) so that they are able to work through initial rank requirements together and so they are able (and prepared) to be with the troop at summer camp (we're usually signing up scouts for camp in February). 
    • I'll admit to being a uniform avoider, even as an ASM.  (Though if I'm ever acting officially for the troop I wear it)  In my case the primary issue isn't cost, it's comfort.  The Scouts BSA shirt has got to be one of the worst designed, most uncomfortable shirts I've ever come across.  The cotton shirt is so thick it's like wearing your own personal sweatbox if you are anywhere above 70 degrees, or if you are doing anything active at all.  The microfiber shirt is so poorly fitted that it makes me look like a flying squirrel with the webbed armpits (plus, it's not particularly cool either). If BSA would make the Scouts BSA shirt out of something like a 93% polyester/7% Lycra, and actually fit it to proper proportions for a larger guy I'd be happy to wear it all the time. I swear it's like the uniforms are deliberately designed by someone looking to punish anyone who dares to be an overweight scouter.  Either that, or it's done by an idiot with no knowledge of human physiology who just figures the best way to size things up is to add the same amount of additional fabric to every section. (ie: if you make the torso 4" bigger around, you make the sleeves 4" bigger around)
    • Thousands of scouts attending the World Jamboree found it to be a very tough place to leave behind. I'm not talking about all the great memories they had of spending time with fellow scouts at the Summit --- I'm talking about American Airlines not staffing their checkin counters adequately and TSA and Charlotte Douglas Airport not having plans in place to adequately handle the number of passengers that they KNEW well in advance were coming to the airport when Jambo was over. Few scouts got checked in on a timely basis and 3/4 of the flights ended up with delayed departure as scouts were herded outdoors in the summer heat to wait. The story is here:
      https://www.wcnc.com/article/travel/boy-scouts-vocal-about-extremely-challenging-departures-from-charlotte-douglas-airport-after-world-scout-jamboree/275-dcd51598-4c6e-46e1-bc1b-5e770fe63128 Did any of you folks attending Jambo fly out of CLT?  Did you encounter problems like those described in the article? Scouts and scouters who had problems getting home should know that air travel complaints can be filed with the DoT here:  https://www.transportation.gov/airconsumer/file-consumer-complaint 
    • Let's see now, they raised $100,000 selling 600 bottles....that works out to about $167 per bottle. Yikes!  I could almost afford to buy a bag of Trails End popcorn for that much money!
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