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    • Scoutbook was in beta and has been a continuous improvement model.   It is now the official record of BSA, so if your scout looses his blue cards  he's not in jeopardy of loosing everything, it's now tracked virtually online and doesn't rely on the organizational and record keeping ability of a teenager.   We changed troops from one which used scoutbook to one which uses troopwebhost and 5 months later we still haven't been able to get everything over.  To give you the an idea of import issues my son completed 21 merit badges, TWH only had 14 import over successfully, so a success of around 66%. In addition he had several partially completed records which didn't come over.   Please be forward thinking, use the free web service that is your son's official record, otherwise anyone coming into the troop will not be able to move his accomplishments over, he will be in danger of loosing all of his progress because the other troops are going to ask for blue cards which troops using the official system aren't even doing any more or he simply lost them, and it will be a nightmare.   BSA has made a decision, we should abide by that, convert over to the one and only standard and move on.        
    • Personally, I'd rather see couples get engaged before they become parents. 
    • Might be kind for Scouts to send notes of appreciation  to Elder Nathan Philips.  Let him know those youth are not representative of  American youth.  https://www.omaha.com/news/nebraska/omaha-tribe-member-in-spotlight-in-face-of-taunting-teens/article_475ee455-cf4c-510a-a9a1-2d29b25eb0f2.html My $0.02  
    • For the unit, a game bag...chess, checkers, Uno, etc.  Nothing electronic.  It's great to see scouts socialize and play the games for hours. For me, a small rug from the dollar store.  Good to stand on it in my tent, vice the dirt or old wooden tent platform.
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