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    • There are quotations from Baden-Powell that suggest that was his approach as well.  He saw religion as important, but apparently did not see it as a bar to membership.
    • What I'm saying is "Religion is the bases for the foundation of Scout Law and Oath", not the foundation of the Oath and Law. The Oath and Law are character values that have to come from somewhere. If that source is the SM, then the Oath and Law change depending on the character of the Scoutmaster from day to day. But the sources is god, so it doesn't change from SM to SM or from unit to unit. God is a single source that never changes. Now you may disagree because there are several different religions with several different interpretations, but for each family, the holy god is personal and above all. And what example does a godless SM set for the scouts? The values of scouting are supported by god, so how does that make sense? Barry
    • I'm thinking the Christian thing to do would be to encourage everyone to join (regardless of whether they believe in God or not), keep the religious requirements, and have a way for those who do not believe to complete the requirements without having to profess faith.  That way you at least expose everyone to the ideas of a life with faith and allow them to decide if they want to develop their own faith further or not. 
    • Shesh, not only are you going anyway, you opened it up to several discussions over the years.  Let's start with this and see where it leads; God teaches Christians to love all, starting first with God. Just like the Scout Oath guides the scout to do his best and his duty to all, starting first with god. Maybe what is missing today with a lot of Christians is they aren't starting first with God.  Barry
    • That makes sense. He was reciting words and explaining what they mean, rather than actually "taking a pledge."
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