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    • USA Archery Level 1 instructor level training is all you need (minimum) in order to be an Archery merit badge counselor: "Archery. Archery activities must be supervised by a BSA National Camping School–trained shooting sports director or USA Archery or National Field Archery Association instructor, or by someone who has been trained by one of the three; or alternatively, the activities may be supervised by someone with at least Level 1 training in the operation of an archery range from USA Archery, NFAA, or an equivalent."    
    • Slight correction for those just tuning in. 😉
    • Lots of little things will come up as your scouts determine program elements. Storage shelves, lighters/matches, candles, tables, whipping string, lumber for projects like klondike derby sleds and camp boxes. Compasses. GPS. If you all are doing a lot of acquatics: pfds, oars paddles. If bicycling: helmets, pumps, repair kits. Map sets!
    • Oh there's no fear on that account.  My wife basically pilfered all my old scouting handbooks to use for her Girl Scout troop.  She is very hard core.  The funny thing is (well, not so funny) that we do more activities when we go on Girl Scout trips (my son and myself also) than when we go on most Cub Scout activities. I'm kind of just marking time until we move up to Boy Scouts next year. Steve
    • i do not think outdoor focused GSUSA troops are common at all. Otherwise BSA would not have gone coed.
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