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    • What is an unconditional scouter? Unconditional means, simply, without conditions. Without rules. Without expectations.  All our relationships, even our relationship with scouting, have conditions attached.  Married couples all rules of their relationship. There are limits. No healthy relationship is unconditional. There is a mental rule book for their relationship. That way, both partners know the parameters and the conditions by which the relationship will remain intact and healthy.  When you’re feeling hurt, angry or confused in your relationship, it’s often because you feel one or more conditions of the relationship have been violated by your partner.
      Any man or woman demanding that their spouse show them unconditional loyalty and love, is most likely up to no good and is most likely a monster.
      Any organization that demands unconditional loyalty, is ether up to no good or is a cult.
      People that make fun of or bully scouters for having conditions (rules and expectations that we signed up for) in order to continue to be scouters are not people I want to be around The scout law and the scout oath are a LIST OF CONDITIONS we try to live by to be scout like. If a troop is not living by the oath and law, and there is no way to turn it around, the scouts should leave, all scouts should be conditional scouts.   
    • No. When news about girls in Boy Scouts first came down from National I voiced my opposition to a young DE who immediately called me a “conditional Scouter.” He is too young and inexperienced to have thought of that on his own, and I later heard that from senior professionals in the office. They are the same people who knew they would get push back from the “red coats” ...which the pros in our area also use in a demeaning manner.
    • I'll buy. What's the knot going to be? Square knot with quick release (holds fast until the wrong string is pulled), thief knot (too much strain and it slips off)?
    • I googled "conditional scouters" and "conditional scouter" (both in quotes) and got 6 hits, all of which are on this forum. Bing showed fewer. It seems to have started with a reference to something that someone else said. Is it possible that we created our own thing that we can get angry about? Someone somewhere said something condescending and now we're blaming "them" for being un scout like. Maybe we should get back to dutch oven recipes or something else fun.
    • That was my immediate thought when Family Scouting was explained as a way to simplify and consolidate schedules. 
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