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    • I am surprised that someone has not started complaining about Pedro anyway, since he is, after all, most likely a Democrat.😁  
    • I've just read through this entire thread and I think my problem with this whole issue is your focus on your boyfriend being singled out. If your CM, Committee, or CO don't know about other possible felons attending activities, we don't know how they would react if they did know. But based on how this has been handled so far, I suspect those other folks would endure similar scrutiny.  Regardless, I would suggest just accepting things as they are and not pushing the matter. Even when his son is a Lion, there is no guarantee of accepting him as a participant. Your CO has the right to exclude anyone, for any reason, criminal record or not. I have no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket, but if my CO decided they just didn't like me, they could send me packing tomorrow. That's the perks of the CO, they are the absolute authority on who can participate in a unit and who can't. Press the issue too hard and you could find your whole family asked to leave.  Is that right? I don't think so. But again, COs can decide whatever they want. If you approach this with the attitude that "they’re going to have to swallow it all next year when his actual son is a Lion Cub," I think you might find things could actually get worse.  Accept the decision of the CM, and use the time between now and his son joining to help him prove his commitment to living a better life. You can't be concerned about any other families, parents, participants, and their backgrounds. This is just about you and your boyfriend. And don't give the CM or anyone else a reason to make an even bigger issue of it. 
    • Changing the name of a magazine doesn't change the way we teach kids, in single-gender groups or otherwise. Nor does changing the name of a program. He didn't lie. The original plan, what he spoke of, was single-gender Dens and/or single-gender Packs, and single-gender Troops. That's what we're going ahead with, still teaching kids in gender-specific groups. There was no "lying".  So your implication that the Scout Law is "nonchalantly disregarded" by me or anyone else is, as you like to say, "trash." 
    • She’s just fulfilling her responsibility as cubmaster. All you have to do is prove her wrong & that the felony does not show who he is now. As bearess said, it’ll take a long time. Just make sure your children’s program are not affected.  
    • I honestly just wanted to know if the Pack, or the cub master, had the authority to say what was said. My mind began to race and wonder why this was an issue, if it had been discussed at a committee meeting, or if it was just her own personal issue with him, specifically. As I said previously, I had never heard of this being an issue with anyone else in the Pack, aside from the sex offender issue. When I first began to date him, she made a comment about his character in a private conversation, which led me to believe she had a personal problem with him. You must also understand the small town mentality of the community I live in, where every rumor is true. It is also very awkward when we attend Pack events. So I know that this was mentioned in a public forum with other parents. Which is fine. It is what it is... he is not my son’s father. Understood. The cubmaster made too many presumptions, and could’ve asked, instead of making her own judgment, creating tension for me. I didn’t do anything wrong or that warranted what was said. Nor did I ever have intentions of leaving him alone at an event with his “nonchildren”.  Al that to say, I really just wanted to know if the cubmaster had the authority. And apparently she does. Rules are rules.
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