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    • IMHO, every course should have stated purposes,  a targeted audience,  published outline and responses  to student and unit feedback. My $0.02            
    • As per @Sentinel947 request, the pages of Wood Badge discussion was split into its own topic here.  Discussions wandering off topic is what happens when a moderator is distracted by Netflix DareDevil Season 3.  - RS  
    • It boggles my mind that anyone who has a daughter (I have two, both of whom are adults and moms themselves) would object to that requirement.  Peoples’ energies should be put into finding more female leaders, not complaining about it.
    • Hi @Jenn,  welcome to the forums! As the other scouters have noted, You all are in a good place with room to grow. One way to break the cycle: offer a weekend activity for your son's patrol. If you have a campfire, great! But it could be to carve/paint pumpkins, bake pies, or make-your-own pizza. Invite a couple of adult leaders to come enjoy the pie.
    • So my wife and I are at the Scout Store Friday buying supplies for our Court of Honor on Tuesday and at the register there is this lady buying a pile of girl Cub Scout uniform items to include leggings.  She is giving this poor kid behind the counter who couldn't be more than 18 or 19 years old a hard time about how it is so unfair that there has to be a female leader at all events if there are any girls in the Pack.  She wants this kid to explain to her why this is fair.  She goes on to tell him that she is going to file a discrimination lawsuit against BSA and that she already has her letter ready.  I look at my wife and she is doing all she can to bite her lip and not go off on this lady.  First off, this lady appears to be new to scouting as she is buying all new uniforms for girls and she is already complaining and threatening lawsuits.  If you are already this turned off by the BSA rules, why are you joining?  I can see now that is all we are going to see is a bunch of lawsuits complaining of discrimination and wanting the rules and requirements changed to suit girls.  Sad times in BSA
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