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    • I don't think I have ever seen the question come up.  As far as I know all Scouts in our troop who have been den chief (and there have been many) have done it for at least one full Cub Scout program year (basically the school year) and often for more than one year.  It is generally considered to be a one-year-at-a-time job.  We have had Scouts who have had another position for at least part of the time that they were also a den chief (leaving one to wonder how good a job they did at either, but as far as I know nobody has ever been refused a signoff for a POR in my troop.) To Eagle94-A1's point, I didn't not mean to suggest that one can earn the Den Chief Service Award just for showing up for a year.  I do not know how many other Scouts in our troop have earned that award.  I know my son did.  He did do the Den Chief training (in person, because I drove him there along with a few other Scouts from the troop; it was not "online" back in the antedeluvian days of 2006 or so.)  I have a suspicion that some of those other requirements may not have been there 12-ish years ago, but whatever the requirements were, the den leader determined that my son did them.  
    • LOL, ok ok. Seems folks are afraid of the big questions. Maybe one of the hardened adults has an opinion. Barry
    • I am not answering for T2Eagle, but vague issues like the term "active" are left to the SM discretion. Just like a vague MB requirement (assuming there are any) would be left to the MB Counselor.
    • I'm not judging, so don't take this question in that context; How do you answer to the "adding requirements" question? Barry
    • Way too few facts to answer as a hypothetical.  If a scout counted the days, hit 120 and said "that's it, time card punched, job done" we'd be having a pretty serious conversation.  On the other hand, the world turns: what looked like in mid August would be a great thing for everybody, might look very different in mid December as finals approach, other activities make their own demands, schedules change, etc.   
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