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    • I am sorry for the bear but the scout and his unit are going to have incredible stories to tell as they get older. We had a scout get bitten by a copperhead once while on a camp out. Thankfully it was a dry bite but the scout is the hero of the unit now. Lol. 
    • I called national and spoke to them via their hotline. The Committee hand book doesn’t specify how to deal with YPT infractions since they are not really the group to investigate a report. The Charter Organization Rep handbook is the one really supposed to be involved with council and resolving diputes along side the organization exec. They are also the ones who are supposed to make sure that they appoint those in the committee and troop that will uphold the scout values since they indirectly represent the charter organization. In all my years they have never had an say as to who is picked for any position… it was just whomever stepped up to the plate. 
    • The story reminded me of our Philmont Ranger in 1979.  He had a nickname, Bear Bait.  He was sleeping outside while out with a couple other rangers, but he was first year and had been the target of a few jokes.  So, when he felt like someone was trying to roll him over in his bag, he reached up and smacked at who he thought it was, one of the others tormenting him.  The bear did not like getting slapped and proceeded to reciprocate.  Fortunately, the bag was thick enough, and the ranger able to curl up within it; and his screams woke the others nearby who ran the bear off.  But he ended up with some stitches, but otherwise no serious injuries.  And he did not let it send him home.  When we had him, it was his third or fourth summer.
    • If I were that scout, I’d ask DEC for the claws that poked my bag!
    • The leader/advisor would, of course, need to view the video. The posting would be, in part, promoting the activity and we would hope, Scouting in the process. It is 'optional' so those youths that don't have a social media account can just do the report or post it to a parents social media account such as YouTube. Either way, we want the kids to 'think' about their experience and the historical importance of the Canal. As an adult, I must admit that even having lived in CNY for 15 years I had not given much thought to the canal and its history is quite remarkable. I hope that this award helps many others beyond just the kids to gain a greater appreciation for the canal and what an achievement it really was. 
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