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    • Feedback from my Son's troop summer camp, based on scout and adult leaders comment (I could not go, unfortunately) , echo your sentiments exactly.   I do find the drop in cub scouting in our area, as a results of the pandemic and dearth of adult leadership, to be a significant concern. 
    • In what way? We’re creditors and most have a defined amount on their invoices. We don’t, it must be gauged by comp’s and past BSA settlements/award and recent settlements/judgements on similar sexual abuse cases. BSA and the insurers refused a mutual estimation, so there you go.  Or, do you mean that it’s wrong to say someone’s injury, pain, suffering and financial other impacts can be reduced to a “valuation”?
    • Yes. In the end, tort law is about who is liable for the damage and what is the value of that damage. In the context of property damage, it is easier to choke down (what is the value of damage to the car in the fender bender?). In the context of human lives, it is harder but the language remains the same. What is the value of an arm severed in an industrial accident? The value of mesothelioma in a person exposed to asbestos? And here, yes, the value of certain sexual actions committed against minors. In the legal filings they are called the "Base Matrix Value" or "Maximum Matrix Value".
    • "The official victims committee, which is known as the tort claimants committee and is charged with acting as a fiduciary for all abuse victims, estimates the value of some 82,500 sexual abuse claims at about $103 billion."   For some reason, this statement really annoys me.  "The Value?"
    • Good to hear it went well. I'm definitely looking forward to Cub resident camp next month, it will be nice to be back. Interesting (although not surprising) to hear that so many units share the same struggles and lack of district/council leadership on keeping meetings going during the shutdown. I'm less than enthused lately about many council-related topics and lack of support, so I guess this shouldn't have been a surprise either. My council comes around when they want money. When we need them, forget it. Our local Packs and Troops have held meetings outdoors and done pretty well despite having to go it alone and figure things out. I don't know exactly what I expected from council but it would have been nice to see them make an effort. All they did around here was organize a virtual district Pinewood Derby and then never delivered the trophies they were supposed to get. My Cub Pack did see a large drop in active scouts and registered membership. I'm crossing over 4 AoL scouts next year, definitely the smallest group we've sent up to a troop in many years. Still hoping I can convince 1 or 2 more to come back in the fall. Funny thing I'm most looking forward to at camp is the dining hall. I think we've been doing so many things outside, literally every den and pack meeting has been outside, I'm kind of looking forward to the only indoor part of summer camp.
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