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    • Let me put Greater Hudson Valley in perspective and why this is a big, big deal. All items from here https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/2e699803-3fcf-4cc3-9c54-2f36667e9b4a_5371.pdf Greater Hudson Valley (#388) is the merger of Hudson Valley and Westchester-Putnam Councils effective 1/1/2021. The latest data (from BSA, not TCC which I am sure disagrees with this assessment) was that Hudson Valley the entity has 11,731,515 in unrestricted assets and 9,593,832 in restricted. That number does NOT include Westchester-Putnam which had not completed their merger yet, so expect that number to rise. Hudson Valley had at least 121 claims of which 115 were NOT timebarred. Westchester-Putnam had at least 201 claims of which 196 were NOT timebarred (see page 354). Thus the combined Greater Hudson had somewhere around 311 non-time barred claims. Hudson Valley Claimed Council Center Office/Store $620,000 and restricted status U ("U:  Unrestricted - No restriction on the property was asserted or confirmed") Camp Nooteeming $3,805,000 and restricted status L ("L:  Limitations - Documents support existence of use limitations or sale limitations such as conservation easements which may impact the value of the property") Camp Bullowa $3,440,000 and restricted status L Westchester-Putnam Claimed Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation Camp $3,255,000 and restricted status U Service Center Office/Store $1,000,000 and restricted status TBD Agatha Durland Scout Reservation Camp $11,770,000 and restricted status L Sum Totals In addition to whatever cash is being put in, Greater Hudson is offering 3 camps worth $19,015,000 (again, Fair Market value per BSA) to settle 311 non-time barred claims = $61,141. Adding in the time-barred claims doesn't change the math much (down to around $59,000).
    • This question concerns me enormously. These bankruptcy creatures see these cases as their own personal goldmines. I’m certain the jockeying and horse-trading is going on. They all want a piece of that gravy train, too. Coalition lawyer David Molton (Brown Rudnick positioned himself to be the PG&E Trustee. Enormous fees to his firm. I’m sure Stang’s firm wants a cut of the action, too.  They’ll try to get their people on the advisory committee to secure their selection. They hire their “friends” to do work. The settlement trustee approves their fees. The bankruptcy court plays no oversight role. The case is closed. The settlement trustee is all powerful.    I will vote and urge others to.vote for the plan if it installs any of the bankruptcy attorneys in a position to control the selection of the trustee. It should be a complete outsider. Some one like Irwin Pickard who was the trustee in the Madoff case. He recovered over 80% of the Madoff victims’ losses.    Ken Friedberg was trustee for the 911 Fund and the BP oil spill disasters. He’s known to be ferociously independent and reasonable.    There are other candidates who would be fine. But I don’t trust any of the long knives involved in this bankruptcy. Some are involved in other mass tort cases where they ended up taking 75% of the pot as compensation to the trustee and his lawyers.    These are very dangerous waters we are entering. 
    • Greater Hudson Valley Council.  Three (out of four) council properties listed for sale.  https://www.cushmanwakefield.com/en/united-states/properties/for-sale/special-use/ny/stony-point/17-franck-road-stony-point-new-york-10980/k26071k26071-s#gallery
    • Related, and I sure I asked this before among my interminable obsession with probing, does anyone have any clue the pool of candidates for Settlement Trustee? Like Future Claimant Representatives and Tort Claimants’ counsel, it has to be aa fairly small universe. I know the TCC, Coalition and FCR will select that person, but curious if there is any narrowing to be done in this vacuum I am occupying. 
    • I agree about "don't know exactly what I expected from council but it would have been nice to see them make an effort".  It seems the council felt virtual was the best thing ever and the less they had to do.  Could still raise money, still pay salaries, close the camps so money saved there but no real PROGRAM input.  Candidly we don't really need them, so over the years we don't look to district or council for anything but filing paperwork. And they wonder why we don't sell popcorn or really care about FOS
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