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    • Stenulson's declaration.  This is going to be devastating. Details about the claims were made up: "Sometimes we were told to change the details of a caller's story in order to make their claims see more viable, but I was not comfortable with that directive." Blank claims had the signatures of claimants forged. Specifically, the signature that the claimant used ON THEIR CONTRACT WITH AIS OR OTHER LAWFIRMS were then cut-and-pasted onto the Proof of Claim. Claimants who had changed their minds were told their claims would be removed. They weren't. Duplicate claims were filed. Claimants were told the law firms were shooting for at least $100,000 per claim. Claimants were told their claims would be anonymous (not true, the court was clear they would be confidential, not anonymous). And she's already signed a document under perjury and is apparently prepared to testify to this on September 21.
    • Official agenda for September 21. This is going to take days. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/4f52d21d-78cf-439e-8095-b3773e04d777_6258.pdf I would expect Item #8 (TCC efforts to delay hearing at least 2 weeks) to be first. Then, if the motion is rejected, jump to Item #1 which is Plan 5.0. BSA does not plan to call witnesses. HOWEVER, Century will, including Mosby and at least 6 people associated with the claimed fraud in the collection of proofs of claim including Kosnoff. Roger  Mosby,  President  and  CEO-  Boy  Scouts  of  America Pretty clear why they want him. What did you know, and when did you know it. Erich  Speckin,  President  of  Speckin  Forensic  Laboratories Charles  Fox,  Vice  President  of  Operations  and  Special Investigations Unit at CoventBridge Group Larry F. Stewart, Chief Forensic Scientist and President/Owner of Global Forensic Services, LLC Paul  Hinton, Principal of The Brattle Group in New York City David McKnight, Senior Associate in  the  Litigation  and  Finance  Practice  of  The  Brattle  Group These are forensics, signature and claims experts who will testify that the lawyers signatures were mass-stamped or outright duplicated on these forms (and therefore the attorneys failed to do their due diligence) AND that in some cases the signatures of victims appear forged Veronica Stenulson, Former employee  of  Reciprocity  Industries  LLC  (August  2020  through  November  2020) https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/e6463ebf-5761-47e7-9e21-2a9358c45549_3857.pdf Will testify that she was part of the mass aggregation of claims and that unsavory/unethical/illegal means were used to get proofs of claim Tim  Kosnoff,  Licensed  attorney that established Kosnoff Law PLLC Will be called regarding a statement he made in his Rule 2019 disclosure that https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/f26f9981-f41d-42bd-adbd-d7996d12f44f_5924.pdf So, clearly in addition to any legal arguments against Plan 5.0, the insurers are going to be going full bore into "the claims are fraudulent" route.
    • Questions.  1. Is it a volunteer or a professional? 2. Are they a voting member of the Council and District?
    • Depends 1) Under the alternate-CO model, the other CO. For example, while you may be renting space/facility use agreement with the Methodist church, the VFW post is your CO, therefore someone selected by the VFW signs. 2) If you are using the Council-as-CO model, someone from council.
    • And that will be the responsibility of the trustee and that happens post bankruptcy.
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