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    • Circle 10 has 4 camps. One most local to me is on Corps of Engineers land.  I assume its some sort of lease till the world ends. One is a camp I went to in the 80s as Camp Cherokee.  It now holds the name of the benefactor.  - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trevor_Rees-Jones_(businessman) One is a camp right in the middle of Dallas.  It just turned 100 years old.  Now surrounded by major freeways and not easy to get to, for us anyway. One is....        Camp Constantin is the flagship campground for Circle Ten. Located on 385 acres (1.6 km2) on the shores of Possum Kingdom Lake near Graford, Texas and containing 15 campsites, Constantin acts as both a regular camp open to Boy Scouts from all areas and as Circle 10's largest and longest-running summer camp hosting roughly 2,800 Scouts during the 5 weeks it is open during the summer. Constantin was acquired by the Boy Scouts in 1946 when Eugene Constantin donated it, after the death of his son in World War II, to the group that he decided best served the needs, morals, and values of young men. The camp recently celebrated its 60th birthday and regularly plays host to International Scouts, most notably Scouting Ireland.[4]     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circle_Ten_Council#:~:text=Camp Constantin,-Camp Constantin&text=Constantin was acquired by the,and values of young men.
    • It was stopped due to Covid; but is that now lifted?  It should be.  Of course, many areas have them active in local cemeteries.    
    • They are offering old light houses for historic care and maintencance, some as donations, and some available to purchase.  Most appear to be on the East coast, which is somewhat to be expected I suppose.  Is on near one of our High Adventure bases?  It certainly could add to a program, though the upkeep is likely not viable.  All of them are hostorical though it appears. 
    • Our council, so far, has no fee. They have been very conservative with their money. So, I support the FOS and we usually meet our stretch goal. The council gets funds and no council fee. Zero. I know we are lucky and in the minority. 
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