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    • Actually, I don't, up to a point. I know, all those guns would happily sit in a drawer or cupboard and not do any harm to anyone. And yes, it's way more complicated that that, sadly.  
    • UK used to have a Mining badge, probably not going to make a comeback...different times... "A Scout must have a general knowledge of one particular branch of the mining industry, such as coal, iron or other mineral, with the special dangers involved, and safeguards against them, and must have worked below the surface for not less than six months."  
    • I think it's really great that you are taking up the challenge to pass the swim test. Your experience will really help you to be a coach and cheerleader to the Scouts who will need a boost to complete their own test.
    • I don't think so. My point is that there are so many boys who don't make a successful transition from cub scout to boy scout, that they are being ill served by unit leaders who see that transition as the main goal of the last two years of cub scouts. So, the numbers do matter. I am pretty confident that my statement is correct. It is less than half.  
    • The thing is, statistically and technically, you are incorrect. If you check the national averages, the majority of boys who are in Cub Scouts do in fact continue on to Boy Scouts. No it isn't 100%, but it is more than half, so ... that is the definition of MOST. A majority. The larger portion. The bigger slice of the pie. Trying to push the idea that "most kids who like cub scouts end up not liking boy scouts" is an unfortunate commentary on your experiences for which I am indeed sorry, but it does your position no good to try and force an idea that objectively isn't so. I understand both your point and your sentiments, but you cannot factually claim that "most of them won't" move on. Perhaps explaining the factors which influence those who do not progress, rather than basing your argument on the quantity of boys who do not, might be a more effective way to illustrate your point.
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