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    • If there was no mbs or advancement then in my opinion, would be basically like a church youth group.
    • I don’t even know where it has gone.
    • I don't think the negativity towards mbs and rank is so much about an inherent displeasure with advancement as a method. I know for me, the issue is the method of advancement has often become the mission and aim. Mbs are great, when done properly. Mb colleges, and pencil whipping requirements are a result of adult failure to distinguish between the method and the mission. Boys who get signed off for showing up to a class lose out on the purpose of the mb as a method. When the focus of meetings, campouts, summer camp shifts to be exclusively about advancement, the purpose of scouting is ignored and ultimately the boys lose out on the opportunity which could be realized through advancement as a method, and not the goal. Eliminating advancement is not the solution. Done properly, it is one of the methods to achieve the aims of scouting. If not done properly it the aims might never be achieved. That is the source of the negativity.
    • Most good summer camps need to be a few hours away to provide the necessary woods, lakes, etc... 
    • Since summer camp is not supposed to be merit badge camp; have fun. Camp and cook with your mates. Use the skills gained through scouting to have adventures. Go canoeing, fishing, hiking, mountain bike riding. Take an overnight (or 2) trip to a primitive campsite at a different location in camp. Backpack, or canoe to it, fashion a tripod over your fire to help with cooking. Catch, clean and cook fish for dinner. Sit around rhe fire jawing while twisting bark fibers into natural twine. Look at this as an opportunity to do real summer camp, not summer scout school.
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