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    • I have thought that this is how graces at scout camp (at least way back when girl scout camp sang grace) functioned.   While singing the rather generic words, the scouts could direct their prayer to God the best way they understood, and that understanding would be different for the different scouts.  In other words,  to sing a grace was to make a time and space for scouts to pray with their own meaning in their own minds.
    • Ah, so what you are saying is Hmm, ok. Ironically, scouters for the last 30 years, have been complaining that National has been taking too much adventure out of the program. You are saying National is now being forced to put adventure back in the program just to attract the girls. Interesting. Is this just hope, or do you know something we don't know? Barry
    • I realized that I didn't answer your question in specific regarding folks from the Arab world. There are two words for Lord. They both imply master or all powerful, but differ in intimacy. One, famously recited in the Koran, "Lord of the Worlds." Another can also be translated as sire, or even landlord. That is more intimate, and more often used among Christians, specifically in reference to "my lord, Jesus". Now, a muslim may use the exact same words, but when he or she does, everyone knows they exclude the prophets (Jesus, included). And, thanks to modern media, everyone knows that those words from a Christian necessarily include Jesus. Even though I failed to teach my kids Arabic, I have tried to teach them contextualization. That is, it's entirely possible that, with the same words, someone is thinking of something different than you. And, with different words, they might be thinking the same thing you are thinking. And in both cases they may be wishing the best for you. Our language is a glass house, let the light in and use the stones to frame a welcoming hearth.
    • Convenience of scheduling both sons and daughters is an issue for some local families.  We are talking about the linked boys and girls troops meeting at the same time in different rooms of a local church.   Easier on families' schedules.  Easier to borrow ASMs back and forth.   As the new girls troop gets started, might want to borrow some of the higher ranked boys as skills teachers on occasion.  Some joint outings as well as separate outings.   We are still trying to figure it all out.     The current boy scouts (youth) opinion matters. As far as scouts with younger siblings.   Same as now that just means only one parent is available to camp with the troop as at ASM on any given outing, so that the other parent is available to stay home with the younger kids. 
    • They grow like weeds in my part of the country.   If you try looking at google maps satellite view for a less built up area, all you can see are the trees.
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