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    • They controlled the whole thing at the district level.  They schedule the JSN night.  This year then went to so far as to have plastic bins made up for each unit containing apps, little boys life mags, pens, etc.  Its my understanding (I was sent to the gym with the youth to play games during the actual meeting) that the rep from the District took the girl apps we had and WOULD NOT take their money and told em we would call when there were enough girls.  So... we are having our own event before school even starts where people can come out and see what we do.  I also want to hit up the preschool that is physically at our CO to let those kids know they can be Lions when they start Kindergarten.
    • Yes, the OA is a service organization. But there was a camaraderie in the work. Sometimes that "cheerful spirit, even the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities...." resulted in turning it to fun or even turning the task into a joke to make it more bearable. Sadly that is missing. When I was CA 10+ years ago. I suggested promoting the fun stuff as well as doing our own. We sent folks to fellowship and conclave. We had fun meetings and even did some special trips. Our work load didn't decrease, in fact we did a few extra community service projects. OA was getting back on track for a while in my neckof the woods.  
    • At the Scouts BSA level, you need to be EXTREMELY careful with the tagalongs. I've encountered major issues with "Family Scouting." I left a troop over the issue, and the troop is reversing their 'family friendly" policy because it was causing so many problems.
    • I've seen this type of comment before. Some people seem to be operating under the impression they are subservient to the DE/District reps.  They are in no position to dictate how you run your Pack events, or whether you are allowed to speak. Don't invite them to JSN, problem solved.
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