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    • I don't think so.  Not everyone needs to become an expert on counter-surveillance.  It sounds like more effort than I'm willing to put into it. I know there are some really creepy people out there.  I see indications of it all the time.  Whenever I look up a celebrity on the internet,  I see a link to photos of them barefoot.  I'm not sure why some people are so intent on seeing other people barefoot.  I suspect it's a foot fetish thing.  Very strange. I also don't understand this attitude about nudity.  There are billions of people in the world, and roughly half of them have the same anatomy.  There is nothing unique about human anatomy. I think it's strange that some people are so obsessed with anatomy.  I also think it is strange that some people are so obsessed with concealing it.  I'm willing to go along with the normal codes of decency, but there is only so much effort I'm willing to make to thwart those who use extra-ordinary means to violate them.
    • There are no apostates in Scouting. And there is no shunning; only loving, and teaching, and helping, and trusting. Those will always work better than "luck."
    • Chubb/Century and Hartford are still refusing to turn over financial information, perhaps most critically the question of how much assets Century has and to what extent Chubb is liable for Century debts. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/f71fbcdd-939f-4ded-b0b8-2569bdcffb06_5835.pdf In short and perhaps a tad oversimplified, there's a (real) possibility that the hoped for big insurance payouts may not happen. Chubb may (and let be stress, may) argue down the road that under the terms of the 1996 acquisition of Century that Chubb took on only Century's assets and debts as of that date. Meaning that if, say, the result is $4 billion in sexual abuse claims next year and Century has only $1 billion in assets in 2022, then the abuse victims get only $1 billion and can NOT access Chubb's ~$100+ billion in assets. The TCC/FCR/Coalition would like to get answers to that NOW, not after a vote or sometime down the road post-confirmation. Since this is a really, really big deal to any proposed settlement, the FCR/Coalition/TCC are demanding answers. Chubb/Century is basically told them to stick it: refusing to produce anything, then only handing in paper documents (when electronic documents were asked for to allow faster review and scanning) and then on top of that rather than delivering copies to all three (FCR/TCC/Coalition) they simply dropped off copies to the Coalition's law firm. And, just as BSA did before, the insurance companies are saying anything and everything is mediation privileged: if it was mentioned in the mediation, that means it cannot be revealed. Again, this is the TCC/FCR/Coalition version of events. But it gets at the bigger, broader point. The insurance companies are going to stall, stall, stall as long as they can and throw up every roadblock they can.  
    • Everyone would be well-served to become educated on the "spy cameras" and what to look for.  They can look like a smoke-detector, phone charger and so on.
    • In my neck of the woods it's not the knots you need to hide so much as your pulse.
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