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    • We'll all have to be careful about the "headlines" when they appear after some sort of deal has been struck.  This has a LOT of nuances but the media will take some amount, divide it by 82-85,000 victims and the sum will become the headline "BSA settles with Victims, Each to receive X."  It's so much more complex.  The funding that goes into any trust will come from not only the BSA/LCs but also COs and INSURERS.  The insurers don't seem interested in a global settlement TODAY and won't roll over easily or quickly until they must.  A LOT of the TCC's work right now must be wrapped up in the construction of all the processes that will continue after the BSA emerges.  Then, it becomes a balancing act of gaining funds in a timely manner and avoiding an unnecessary litigation circus.  We should actually be heartened that the TCC isn't feeding into any media feeding frenzy to make its points.  This is billions of dollars at play and playing cards VERY close to the vest is a lot better than mistakenly allowing someone a peek because you said too much.  That said, it IS agonizing for all victims and hopes are so easily dashed.  Anyone who has lived in a State where every year legislation to change Statutes of Limitations never made it out of committee knows the pain when hopes are dashed.  Victims, whether they consider themselves survivors or on the road to survivorship are some of the strongest people on the planet.  If the insurers believe this is a group that will roll over easily then it will be a Trust's duty after it takes the baton from the TCC and Coalition to make it clear that the insurers may be grossly underestimating the fight and resolve of this group.   Remember,   "Justice delayed is justice denied."  If only this was about justice.    Alas, it isn't, it's bankruptcy so it's business.  The BSA made that choice for all victims when it filed.  
    • I think there is supposed to be a balance, to mix the fun/adventure with the advancement program. The kids show up for both. They want adventure but they also want that next rank badge, and recognizing achievement is one of the key ingredients of the scouting method. But how to strike that balance, what the right ratio is, I have no idea and I applaud anyone who can figure it out. Likewise with the AOL part of this discussion, striking a similar balance between getting AOLs prepared to join a troop, giving them enough knowledge and skill to confidently enter Troop life but not so much that they are over-prepared and then bored for the first year, I'm struggling with that very idea myself right now.
    • Yes.  I have run into this many times in both scouting and sports.  A boy feels he needs to quit an activity that he very much enjoys in order to show solidarity and support for his parent, who is no longer welcome.  It happens a lot.  
    • There is a very simple solution.  He stays.  You go.
    • I am not aware of any new rules that would prohibit a non-Catholic from serving on a unit committee.
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