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    • I hugely agree.   I do think troops should help the scouts earn SCOUT really quick.  A scout should  never been in a troop for a year without earning SCOUT rank.   First or second meeting is great.  A month or two fine.  ... It should be simple and if the scout has missing parts, it's easy to fill in.   I agree the key should be "opportunities" to advance, but the program should be fun and adventure oriented.  Let the kid do new things.  AND, if that means sitting in a hammock for an afternoon, fine.  For many, that's a new experience.  
    • Confused by this. So  if unit elections are out, how does a scout get into the Order?  
    • I like the idea of having first year programs available, but not required.  Perhaps the camp should publish a skills training calendar for their woodcraft area.  Monday night KNOTS.  Tuesday night LASHINGs.  Wednesday SWIMMING.  Thursday FIRST AID.   Have a sign-up sheet with a max number to know how many staff are needed or if troop adults need to step up too.    Scoutmaster could get a report of who attended which skill ... if necessary.  Really, the scout demonstrating is the big thing.  
    • I absolutely love that idea.  Adults are their own patrol.  Separate from youth scouts.  If they want to be at camp, they should do similar activities.  Learn skills etc.  Idle adults and untrained / unskilled adults are often the bane of scouting.  
    • This came from the court, I assume? Is it a perfunctory form notice or anything of substance and/or referencing some other filing? I’ve seen nothing to date. These are going out generally or to claimants based on whether their LC is agreeing to the the contribution? I’m keen to see what goes down with the closed state LCs.
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