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    • Thanks everyone.  My husband on the one hand says that he is ok and it's not a big deal, and on the other hand, he's confused and hurt.  Our CC has very good people skills so hopefully she can help navigate this one.  It also feels like the loss of a relationship as my husband is not eager to interact with the former SM after this and that's too bad.  The former SM did a fine job and is good with kids and the abrupt criticism coming from them is sad.  There was a whole set of famiiles whose chidren have all grown up and moved on and most of those parents ceased their roles in the last two years or so and my spouse has inheirited the troop and all the newer families and the newer volunteers and perhaps that shift is part of the issue. Camp is going to be a little different this year too.  Our last camp two years ago was struck by a derecho (a special kind of wind storm like a tornado that travels in a straight line pattern) with our kids in it (lots of damage, everyone got out safe) and last year's camp was skipped because of Covid-19 concerns.  This year it is great that we are going back to camp, but it is a different camp than before, and so we won't have some of the same traditions.  People can't come in and out of camp to visit due to continuing Covid concerns.  We won't be able to invite the troop's Eagle Scouts alumni for a special ceremony due to that restriction.  We are also giving up most patrol cooking at this camp for this year, and that's hard but it has been discussed with the parents whose kids are going and it's understood why.  The big picture is that we are going to camp, the new camp seems like it has a fantastic program that the scouts will enjoy. I feel like the parent committee is overall supportive and the CC is supportive and we just want to give these kids a good year.  I think it's very exciting that as these younger scouts grow up, more and more will be available to them.  It's really a nice group overall.  I am extremely thankful for the parent support and the great kiddos.  I have seen a lot of really nice moments from the kids in the last six months and I have nothing but high hopes for these boys and their families.  Anyway, I shared some of the comments with my husband yesterday and you have lifted his spirits.  I will share the rest today. Thank you for your help.    
    • I’d tell anyone who would dare cuss me out via text that my flip phone lost  their message before I could read it. They can find me at a campfire 3 miles into back country if they want to come and discuss anything. Just bring dessert.
    • I am sorry this happened.  Try to ignore them.  It is hard to see people doing things differently than how you did it.  They probably mean well but went about it badly..
    • It can be hard for folks who hang it up to watch other people in the job and not be critical. If the Scouts, their parents and the CC are happy with your husbands performance as SM, he should take the old cranky SM's opinions with a huge grain of salt. 
    • Rules to live by: 1) The work is done by whoever shows up.   Show up.  2) Train'em, trust'em, turn'em loose. 3) Ye canst not please everyone all the time.  You will have three possible "bosses".  Please these three and you will be doing good:        a) Your God, however you perceive him/her /it.          b)  .Someone, somewhere, sometime, will ALWAYS be telling you what to do. A teacher, your spouse, a traffic cop....  At what peril do you NOT please THEM ?             c)  The fellow who pays you for doing what you do to get paid.  Ethical?  Legal? Satisfying?  Fun?     
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