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    • Domains are cheap generally, and they assert some level of defense over a trademark.  Maybe more importantly registration of a domain prevents someone else from registering it and doing something unscoutlike with it. Better to own the registration on scouting.xxx, .sex, .adult,  and .porn than to leave it to chance.  There were something like 600 TLDs the last I cared to look, so it takes a few registrations.  
    • ah. We agree on this. The more time I've spent around national Professionals, the more and more I don't like them. 
    • Great discussion! While there are seams in federal and state response, the most glaring shortfall I see is the lack of preparedness at the local level--county health departments and local hospitals. There was nothing preventing hospitals--particularly big ones in highly populated urban areas--from stocking up on PPE and other equipment ("be prepared").  However, rainy day/contingency stock piles do not impress the bean counters that run health care today.   Just in time inventory, who needs all of that dead stock lying around, wing and a prayer, nothing bad is going to happen to us...and if it does, the governor or president will send us what we need.  Maybe, maybe not. Counties usually operate on a shoe string budget, but the health departments should be more robust in terms of planning, personnel and equipment. I believe contingency planning and preparedness, like charity, begins "at home." Speaking of home, it's time to start bring manufacturing back to the US, particularly those products of strategic level importance.  It boggles the mind how vulnerable we've become, putting much of our country's manufacturing capability in the hands of a Communist government.   I like @qwazse's idea of an after-action camp fire.  We're going to need it, especially for the camaraderie, but also for getting ready for the next "bug."  Because this won't be the last virus that comes our way.  There will be more.  In the future, we'll have to be quicker, smarter, better equipped.  Solid play book, more buy-in and less finger pointing and political hay-making.  
    • @RememberSchiff, thanks for being lead blocker on this research! Those domains are definitely of "undetermined" value.  Many are near duplicates.  Just as many are obscure.  Most of them probably aren't worth anything close to what the BSA paid/pays for them.  Just a jumble of stuff.  All over the map.  
    • Agreed about Bush II. He took it seriously. Obama had done some good work continue what Bush II had done.  First place I'd point the finger at was the Chinese Communist Party. They have absolutely minimized their reporting, and probably falsified their numbers. They never let a good crisis go to waste. Notice nobody is talking about Hong Kong protests or the Uighers in concentration camps anymore.  Western Countries and most citizens weren't taking the virus very seriously in January or early February. US Military intelligence knew there were issues in China in NOVEMBER... There doesn't seem to be much effort on the part of State or Federal officials or agencies to acquire PPE and supplies until the virus was already here. The Trump Administration acted like it couldn't come here, and when he wanted to take reasonable steps like stopping flights from China, the Democrats said no. There is still no national stay at home order, so states like mine (Ohio) are locking down, we aren't building much immunity, and we can't go out of lock down until other states follow our lead, otherwise a traveler is just going to bring it here and we'll restart the surge process.   Many governors/mayors deserve blame too. They saw what was happening in Wuhan or Seoul and even when there were known cases in their cities and states, they didn't take action. In Italy and France, you had Prime Ministers telling the public to continue on with their lives. Many Mayors, include NYC's de Blasio, as late as March 11th, was telling people to go live their lives. Even know Trump is spending more time listening to his idiot talking heads on the TV and radio than medical professionals.  I'll cut people some slack, for not being prepared back in December or January, because this is an unprecedented situation, but at the very least the Federal Government should have been better prepared, especially when Bush II's administration had created a plan, and US Army Intelligence had been sending warnings to Congress and the Executive branch since November.  With a bit more planning, we could have had an outcome more like South Korea's. Instead, we've got a long way to go. 
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