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    • The first person I called was someone on the committee.  She felt it should be left up to the troop.
    • This seems like an issue the troop committee could address.
    • Thanks for all the replies. I did talk to our Scoutmaster last night and he is opposed to them also.  The female leader that took the phones also sends out the emails and I see she has now added a #6 rule to the list of no phones allowed whatsoever at meetings or camp outs.  It was not there before.  There has also been a rule for years of no flip flops or sandals.  I assume this to include slides and crocs.  A small group met last night to finish geocaching and 3/8 of them had on unapproved footwear....yet nothing was said.  So I feel as thought all rules need to be enforced or none.  I am firmly in disagreement with not taking their phones but I guess I am powerless to change anything.
    • ... OR ... we end up having many "Parents Of" COs. 
    • As promised. Just as a refresher: the US Trustee is a Department of Justice appointee in each Bankruptcy Court Region (Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania in this case) who "monitors the conduct of bankruptcy parties and private estate trustees, oversees related administrative functions, and acts to ensure compliance with applicable laws and procedures." It was the Trustee who appointed the members of the TCC. Before people worry is a Trump thing or a Biden thing, I'll repeat what I said in May First, Biden did not appoint this person. Vara's been in office since the Obama administration and was not purged by Trump. Second, Biden has made it clear that he will not intervene in directing DoJ to do anything, unlike frankly Trump. Third, U.S. Bankruptcy Trustees tend to be apolitical, long term career types. NOT firebrands itching for political fights. Again, to reiterate, just because the person is a DoJ appointee does not make this a "Biden Administration" move, or that the Biden administration has lifted a finger, one way or the other, in this matter. Now that that is out of the way, Vara (or rather lawyers working for him) basically took BSA AND the Coalition AND the TCC to the woodshed here. You may recall that the last time we heard from the Trustee he expressed major concerns that this entire plan to direct 82,500 claims into a mass settlement via bankruptcy THAT ALSO covered third parties (such as LCs and COs) was likely illegal. Welp, the Trustee's views have gotten even dimmer of this whole plan and in particular the RSA and it is now targeting what it sees as inappropriate conduct by both BSA and the Coalition. In short, there is no statute whatsoever that authorizes any of this stuff, especially the plan for the Coalition to get paid (in effect) before anyone else.  
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