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    • Speaking of greedy lawyers: "Century served deposition notices for the depositions of Messrs. Van Arsdale and Kosnoff after the TCC turned over Mr. Kosnoff’s email to the Office of the United States Trustee in which he refers to the abuse claimants who serve as members of the Committee as “nitwits” and threatens BSA and Committee." [D.I.1266] "The deceptive nature of these ads also mask a more fundamental and troubling reality. Mr. Kosnoff holds himself out as no longer practicing law and Mr. Arsdale is an advertising company owner who only recently passed the bar. They are in the business of creating and marketing “inventories” of claims. In the seedy underbelly of mass torts, individuals front for “motherfunders” and a host of other non-lawyers who provide funding in exchange for a piece of each claim." [same document, earlier page] And also, "In this email, Timothy Kosnoff (who, together with Andrew Van Arsdale, is the spokesman for the Coalition), states that we “need to control our power. Not just to the committee but to everyone - mediators, BSA, councils etc.” [D.I. 1228 at 20.] He also states that some of the entities for whom he claims to speak “aren’t handing over any of their data to anyone unless and until this gets sorted out. [Mike] Andolina and the 3 Amigos [the mediators appointed by this court] need to get that message. They are wasting their time talking to the TCC.”" [D.I.1261]  
    • Anyone know if there is an archive of Green Bar Bill columns from Boys Life?  I remember it being my favorite thing to read as a kid.  
    • Update 9/30/2020 Two years after, Murphy received maximum sentence for vehicular homocide -  8 1/3 to 25 years.  https://nypost.com/2020/09/30/li-drunk-driver-gets-maximum-sentence-for-killing-boy-scout/
    • @ChristianB - welcome to the forum. It strikes me that the core problem here is one of adult leadership. The Committee Chair should be working with the Scoutmaster to ensure that the Committee is correctly doing it's role.  Further, the Committee Chair should be setting direction for the entire adult team to ensure that all the adults are working together so that the troop runs well.  The Troop model in the BSA is that the Committee Chair is the leader of the adult team of the troop.  That the advancement and finance chairs are feuding with the Scoutmaster is the Committee Chair's responsibility to sort out. Individual adult leaders should not be undermining the Scoutmaster on program questions.  Advancement is the purview of the Scoutmaster.  The Advancement Chair's role is to facilitate the advancement process, serve as a champion, and provide oversight of the advancement program in a way to identify when kids are getting missed.  The Advancement Chair should not be deciding how quickly anyone advances.  Again, the Committee Chair should be involved here. You want to do this the nice guy way, have a conversation about your concerns with the Committee Chair.  Talk to him/her about the adult drama you see and enlist the CC's help in getting it cleaned up.  The pace of advancement for a couple of Scouts is not an issue that should derail a well functioning troop. If you want to do this a bit more aggressively, go to the next Troop Committee Meeting.  At the meeting bring up that you are concerned that there is friction between the adults.  Be prepared to say that you see the advancement chair superseding the Scoutmaster on advancement and that it's a problem.  Be prepared to point out that it's leading to Scoutmaster and his kids likely to leave.  Call these folks out and stir it up. BTW - how big is your troop.  This sounds like the kind of nonsense you see in very small troops where the adults politics are preventing the troop from growing.
    • To some extent, I think a lot of this has been part of a long game to destroy the pillars of Western society and that while the aim of individual lawyers may have been money (for them or for the victims), the ultimate and primary aim of a growing segment of activists for decades has been to tear down "the Church", the BSA, the military, the police, etc. Tearing down the organizations does nothing positive for the current and future generations who could have benefited from the programs and teaching. All it does is leave a vacuum that various nefarious powers are just drooling to fill (and already has been filling in the mainstream media, public education, academia, etc.).
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