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    • You are right about one thing.  Dual membership might have the effect of intimidating one organization to be more like the other.  I think this is a bad thing.  People should choose the group they like and leave the other alone.
    • I think that's the best we can hope for here.  Share our own views on these topics and in the process be enriched from each other. I've welcomed your comments on this topic - in fact, I had not seen the website you referenced before.  I also think that as an abuse victim you bring a different perspective to the discussion here that is very welcome.
    • If the injunction extended again, I wonder if the Court will directly comment on the BSA claim that their councils are  independent business units.
    • That is accurate. For what's it worth, I am 60. My Scout Master/abuser is ten years older than I am. In 1971, he traveled across our town to a troop in need of a leader and got the job. He was 20. If I was visiting my mother, I could knock on his door, he'd welcome me and offer me a beer. He always did. Well, unless of course, he's finally quaking in his boots. Unknown to him, I started my effort to prosecute him - with no intent or effort to pursue civil action against anyone - 20 years ago.  
    • I wouldn't do that. Just because something happened 50 years ago doesn't mean it can't be verified even if the perpetrator is dead. I believe in a reasonable look back process because forensic investigation can validate many claims. Also, the vast majority of the claims -- about 85% -- were made by men in their mid forties to early fifties so the reality is that many perpetrators or at least corroborating witnesses are certainly possibly alive.   
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