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    • . I announced varsity soccer games ... quite clearly. So much so, that Daughter's teammates asked her why I was cheering so well for the other team. I told her to tell her teammates to start scoring, and then they'll understand. Before the start of next season I forwarded an essay to the coaches to share with the players. An excerpt from "When the Mic Goes On" ...  
    • As I recall, back in the 70's BSA was hard on the ropes due to an unpopular war, declining numbers, a negative image and program changes that the rank and file were unprepared for. But, overtime National was able to save it's self.  The waters may be rough, but the ship is still afloat.  I've a feeling it's still too early for the eulogy, and that the storm can be endured...
    • I love being a scouter, and one of the activities I most enjoy is being a merit badge counselor for subjects that I truly care about....especially Communications (which I regard as the single most important life skill for someone aspiring to a leadership role of any kind). In every class, we've written "letters to the editor" as part of requirement 7a.  Normally, that's the end of it.  After counseling more than 100 scouts on this MB, I can't recall hearing that the boys' letters actually got published --- or even got read by anybody outside the class.  Now, I have an example to point to of an MB class that wrote a group letter to a newspaper, which actually published it on their website....cool!

    • Wanted to follow up. I sat in on one of our scouts Eagle BOR last night and while there, I asked the District Advancement Chair about the not needing to find another counselor. I told him I already knew the answer as I have read the GTA and other materials but I wanted to hear it straight from the horses mouth.  He confirmed that any youth needs to seek out another counselor to finish up a partial from summer camp.   Can't wait for the drama to ensue from scout and his parents on this.   I will simply hand them the MB section of the GTA and said let me know when you need to find some counselors for the remaining badges and walk away.
    • Love those videos that @TAHAWK posted!!   I think he's on to something.....we should all be encouraging our scouts to play bagpipes!
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