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    • Did it for a while at one SM's request. Told the PL, "If you need me for anything, I'll be elsewhere." He did ask for help addressing one or two issues. And I gave him some pointers on how to handle them, but otherwise I wasn't needed. Moreover, I don't think he other PLs needed specific advisors. I certainly am glad I didn't have such a thing when I was a PL.
    • Mea Culpa.  My bad.  I was following the conversation and it came to keeping meetings fun.  Read the comment about boring district folks and wondered what advice was out there for how a new Cubmaster deals with outside presentations like FoS.  That's all.
    • Whoa..How did we get from "...how to be a great CM?" to "how to do FOS presentations effectively"?     
    • My troop uses them.  On paper they are supposed to serve as an advisor for the patrol leader, provide the adult 2-deep leadership required for patrol meetings and outings, and make sure that all scouts stay safe on patrol outings. Unfortunately, In practice, they end up as serving as the de-facto patrol leader because the youth in my troop are conditioned that if they don't do something, an adult will always bail them out and do it for them. (yes that is a bitter tone that you detect 😞)
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