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    • Events need to stay fresh.  A fun once a year event done monthly can quickly become a drag with burnt out volunteers and burnt out scouts.  Then mix in when the monthly burger night overlaps with summer camp or school break or a district camporee or ...  IMHO, it's hard enough to run a healthy troop.   I fear someone may have seen the scouts as free labor and thought "hey we give them $1000 per year".  They don't realize it costs about $10,000 to $35,000 per year to run a strong healthy size troop and the troop has it's own program to run also.    Plus, if $1000 per year breaks down to $85 per month --> then factor in two adults plus a strong mix of scouts so that it's scout led.  How many hours?  Assuming a three hour commitment (setup, cook, cleanup) for 7 people (two adults plus five scouts), then you are at 21 hours of labor with a $4 per hour return.  ... not to mention shopping, etc... It quickly turns the good will donation of $1000 into a less than minimum wage job.  I'd argue the scout unit should do it once a year to say thank you to the charter org.  It's a good-will connection.  Monthly though is a job that pays bad and will quickly wear out your scouts.  
    • I wore this patch on my uniform as a youth from probably 93-97, only taking it off to put on the JLT patch. Over those years I had pretty constant requests to trade it or sell it. To this day I think it's the coolest patch I've ever seen, although my opinion may be slightly biased. 😁 I check eBay for these periodically, and there are plenty of Allamuchy patches up for sale, but never this one. If anyone has one or ever sees one up for sale, I'd be interested in picking up an extra. 
    • Just FYI the $1000 does not cover all of the recharter costs, which were $1900 between the pack and troop
    • My dad was an ASM and went to summer camp my first two years. I saw him at mealtimes and sometimes not even then. He had to have been anxious as heck when skinny shrimpy me did the mile swim and the Wilderness Survival overnight, but never showed it!
    • Yes, a qualified Venturer or Sea Scouts is one who achieved First Class rank as a Scout or Lone Scout, or Varsity Scout (prior to January 1, 2018).  They have the option to continue earning Scouts BSA awards, ranks, and merit badges until their 18th birthday (assuming no time extension) while registered solely with a crew or ship.  They can be dual registered with a troop if they want to be, but it is not required.
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