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    • My two largest concerns with the new training: 1) The new Scouts First Hotline.... might as well call this dial 1-800-witchhunt.  Remember, if it gets to council... their job is to protect the brand and mitigate liability of the corporation.  It is NOT the best interest of the scouts involved.  Its kind of like getting HR involved in a workplace dispute between coworkers.  Its not about resolution as much as its about making sure BSA national won't get sued.  God forbid a unit leader hears something on a campout, says "hey knock it off, we don't talk like that to each other and here's why... x,y,z..." and then a fellow adult or other scout on the outing decides it was more offensive than that and calls in to the hotline.  Now both 'offender' and registered adult will likely be defending their actions to a paid scouter at council who's most likely course of action is to tell them both that their time in scouting is over.  Better to cut bait on a couple members as a means to mitigate any chance of a lawsuit by whomever might be the slightest bit offended. 2) The "mandatory reporter" designation in YPT.  And the subsequent laundry list of "must report" offenses.  So one kid gets mad at another and says "stop acting so gay" or "don't be a little bitch".  That MUST be reported to council because it falls under discriminatory speech based on gender, orientation, ethnic background, etc... ?!!?? The new YPT expectations leave ZERO room for unit level adult leaders to correct / train / guide / educate youth when they mess up or make an off-hand comment.  Our expectation is to report.  McCarthyism at its finest.  I guess they could re-brand the new YPT standards as "Salem Witch Hunt BSA".  The problem with the standards as currently written is that the "offended" gets to decide what is offensive and most everything is a must report to the council level.  Hope council hires a few more pro's to field the call influx. Dean
    • Ever consider how would this look to parents of youth who might want to join scouting if it was plastered as a headline?    It isn't 1954 anymore.   Wow, just wow...
    • I am tasked with getting our leaders & parents to take the course.  Having been Pack Trainer for 3 years, I know our parents and few of them have ever taken time to explore the great resources my.scouting has to offer.  I did the new YPT a few weeks ago and I think the BSA is expecting too much.  I believe the old course was adequate, although I do appreciate the addition of the Scouts First hotline.   The material is college level & disturbing.  It's law enforcement training (which I've had) and I don't think a lot of parents are up to it.  A few "thank you for your service to the youth of America" plugs would've made it more palatable as well.  Plus, the trick questions in the exam are infuriating! There are always some that will just refuse to train, although if they are leaders, they'll be removed from the rosters in October.   I'm more concerned about the potential future leader who gets halfway through the course and says "To heck with it, I'm not signing up for this!"      
    • Well, how would she feel if he opened a door for her or let the ladies eat first because he knew they underestimated how much food to bring? 
    • The thing that has stood out to me as far as compliance is the requirement that all Pack leaders must have the new YPT done or Packs can't recharter.  As Pack Trainer for the past 3 years I couldn't even get some leaders to do the basic online training for their positions, and the new YPT is much more difficult.   Leaders will lose their positions and a lot less Packs will be "100%," even on paper.
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