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    • @PACAN, they are backpedaling. They are re-writing the minutes to say the board suspended and reconvened, closing its discussion on a different date. I would not be surprised if the District Advancement Chair does apologize in person. Hopefully the scouter who raised a ruckus does too. Make sure the members of the board get invited to the court of honor! Let this water run over the dam!
    • No that is not the proper procedure.  Signature from him?  Boards do not reconvene after they made a decision.  Sounds like they held their own appeal board. Maybe they read this forum topic. 😀 Too bad they put the scout through an unnecessary anxiety.   Did the caller apologize?
    • To be clear...it does snow at Woodruff, you just have to be there on the right weekend
    • I ❤️ Woodruff Scout Reservation so much!  ******** One of these days I'd like to do the Okpik camp at Northern Tier...Also, I ran across this while researching winter camping schools: http://www.bullmoosepatrol.com/bmp/2014/12/24/bsa-winter-camping-school-hypothermia I interacted briefly with this man from the Bull Moose Patrol at Madison's annual Canoecopia event--paddle sports oriented. Seems like legit outdoorsman.
    • Well, thanks you, MattR!  
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