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    • internal communication within BSA is often, like external communication, awful.  Plus, inconsistencies abound.
    • Pole vaulting for sure, but no doubt it would be used to absolve BSA from liability if it comes down to it.  These seem like such minor, insignificant changes, but they were intentionally made. 
    • Sigh,  yes I am old enough to remember the city strip.
    • I view this question the same way I view merit badge classes at summer camp. We don’t need a female registered leader 21+ sitting in every session with a female Scout, so we don’t need one riding along in every car. As long as there is no 1-on-1 contact, you’re fine. My personal policy when driving my daughter and her friends is that either my daughter rides in the front passenger seat or no one rides in the front passenger seat. But that’s just me.
    • You mean a Brotherhood of Scouting honor campers?  Who exemplify the Oath and Law in their daily lives?  What a novel idea!   (Sarcasm mode off) I think there are three main ways to change the Order back to a highly esteemed organization . One  change the election criteria. The main focus from the order to the troop should be " We want your best both in skills and character. " not " We accept anyone with a first class badge and one summer camp under his belt." Two.  Make the Ordeal a real challenge.  Have elongomats who know what the tests represent  and can explain their importance  to the candidates.  .And if a candidate clearly refuses to abide by the rules, we need to have the ability to politely boot him out. ( Oy vey!  The stories I could tell) Three.  We need to do more to help scouting than set up and tear down summer camps.  We need to: run local training for junior leaders,  help out troops who are dying, or just starting up, staff camporees,  offer some semi high adventure to the local troops (50 miler?)   In short we need to be more than a group with colorful flaps who main focus is electing and indicting the maximum number of new members so that we can say " Our numbers are increasing,  so everything is all right"  Is it? Is it really? Oldscout.  (Mikemossin Wanachk) Ps:  and you are quite right National doesn't have a clue.
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