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    • It is important to instruct the other scouts not to tolerate a pervy mouth being the goal is to grow the youth into respectable citizens.  I'm not suggesting the scouts give a weak whisper of disapproval, but a forceful shut down.  Many crap stirring kids enjoy the power of disruption, and seek to turn a group of youth south, or against the adult leadership. However when the figurative knives come out within the peer group, such behavior looses its appeal quickly....and yes, sometimes the whole group needs to suffer for the deeds of one if the group is enabling.  My wife has been teacher on the district level, and employs certain tactics often.  Said tactics work.  Perv mouth talk may seem like harmless watercooler talk to some, but I've noticed that when such behavior is tolerated, Troops struggle with membership, and risk complete implosion.   Causation or correlation?, maybe both.  It's a culture thing.  
    • "Trust but Verify" is a much better policy than "A Scout is Trustworthy" because obviously some are not.  
    • You have no evidence for any of this.  You are making assumptions about a kid you have never met.  You have no idea what his motivation is (you offer a single possibility).  It is possible that his parent's would have come to his defense no matter what.  He could have been 100% truthful with his parents and they could have still reacted like this, some parents do this with teachers no matter how bad their kid is.  You don't think scout age kids learn language from friends at school? I certainly did.   I went through a similar stage around my early years in scouts.  I had a wake up moment during an interaction with some good friends and a good teacher who called me out. Assumptions without evidence is 90% of what is wrong with the discussion on the internet. 
    • I think it would be especially appropriate to include this, perhaps one of our nation's greatest sermons on gratitude:  
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