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    • As we know many of the training weeks and weekends include Sunday (for simplicity I am using Sunday as the day of the religious observance).  Sessions are usually all day over the weekends and make attendance at Mass difficult.  Have any of you attended training where there have been arrangements for a religious service other than the usual Scouts' Own? I have served on NYLT and WB staffs and it has always been assumed the Scouts' Own is sufficient. I would appreciate any suggestions and experiences.        
    • I come from the land where pink-slips were doled out without warning and entire industries were gutted behind closed doors far to many times for anyone's good. I only give open references. If someone wants me to write them something I don't like about you, I will have said to your face with zero regret and wouldn't mind you reading it again. For Eagle references, ideally, I will hand-deliver an original and a copy to the scout. If he needs the stamp to snail-mail the original, I'll dredge up a bunch of 2- and 3- cent-ers for him to combine. But, some circumstances have required E-mail. No E-BoR whom I've written has complained. If an E-BoR doesn't like it, they can call me and take notes.
    • This came up in another forum recently so I went back to my bear book from when I was a Cub Scout. The number of required camping events in the 1984 edition of the bear handbook was zero. There was an option for the outdoor adventure that could involve either camping or a hike or some other outdoor event, but even the outdoor adventure wasn't required. Looking through all the old roundtable, den leader, pow wow guides my mom collected back then, it was all arts and crafts stuff. The model of cub scouting back then was pretty heavily a thing that moms were expected to do in their homes to keep kids busy.

      The idea that cub scouts arts and crafts is a recent swing in the direction does not gel with my experience. I know this wasn't your main point, but it is worth pointing out that cub scouts has kinda always been this way.
    • 5-6 weekend camp outs a year, plus summer camp?  Wow!  That's a lot!  I think most packs only do 1-3 overnight camp outs a year. Technically, camping is not required of Cub Scouts, although it is encouraged.  Outdoor activities is one of the methods of Cub Scouting, but it is not the only method.  Focusing on outdoor skills happens more in Webelos and the older Scout programs.  But if there are specific skills that you would like your son to learn, I would talk to the Den Leader about it.  Most ideas can be worked in as additional activities.  For example:  I think this age group could learn some basic map and compass skills. There is at least one Charter Organizations that does not allow pack /den level overnight camping, although I do not know the reasoning behind it.  That is why there are options to go camping, but not an absolute requirement to do so.
    • we try to provide as many camping opportunities as possible, within reason, as to give the parents more options, we still tend to get very little turn out, out of 17 bears, 4-6 bears go on a regular basis, +10 have not gone on a single campout one of my gripes with bsa is that camping for cubs is not a requirement, cub can go through 5 yrs of cub scouts and earn aol without ever going camping, not even once, that just seems wrong to me
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