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    • I am looking ahead to Webelos later in the year. Instead of meeting once a month for 60-75 minutes at the local elementary school (our pack norm), I am planning to have all-day (likely Saturday) activities at the local park where we can work on an entire adventure or multiple portions of several adventures all in one day. I reserved a small lodge at the park with the thought that we could do some outdoor cooking, fire starting, first aid, hiking, etc.  Does anyone have any experience bringing the kids together for all-day (6+ hours) activities instead of (or in addition to) short den meetings? If so can you offer any advice on how to make this go smoothly, get the buy-in from the parents, and ensure the kids have a great time? 
    • We have 1 scout with diabetes.  His dad is an ASM and will be coming with us. His dad read through Philmont's literature and it's clear diabetes does not prevent a scout from participating (with certain criteria that our scout meets).  He's going to contact Philmont, but I just wanted to ask if others have experience. The biggest question is getting ice to keep the insulin cold. I'm assuming they provide it at staffed camps, so as long as we don't have a long gap between staffed camps, we'd be OK.  The little cooler he has is like a Thermos and can go 2-3 days while keeping the insulin cold enough. Thanks!
    • After reading this thread, I was looking through the old Commissioner Helps for Packs, Troops, and Crews book and noticed number 4, recommending an induction ceremony when someone joins a unit.

    • Thank you everyone for your thoughts! Unfortunately the committee chair is best friends with the CubMaster, so I don't know how far any of us would get on that track. The next closest pack is 3o minutes away. Its doable though. I do have understanding for the situation of the parent. My oldest child has a mental illness and I actually chose to pull him out of scouts halfway through his year as a Bear for the sake of the other scouts. So I get it, I really do. But at some point my sympathy for their situation is greatly overshadowed by my desire for my children to have a positive scouting experience. Again, thanks everyone for your comments! I really appreciate the feedback!! 
    • Barry, I agree with you 100% for once! Not everyone can or should be a leader.
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