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    • Yes, excited.  Eagle Scout, Ordeal OA (weak lodge), Den Leader and Committee Chair at Pack
    • For years as a parent I kept asking what the guidance for BORs was. I never received a good answer. More of a "follow along and you'll get it". I hated that answer because different people did different things and what I saw didn't really make sense to me. No one ever told me that there was training out there for what to do in a BOR nor did it appear they new themselves. They followed along with what they saw done before them. As a parent I didn't know I could even participate in any training.  When I switched over to a volunteer role I took all the training for SM, CO, and the Committee Member and of course, read the guide to advancement you posted. I discovered from that training that people really have no idea what a BOR is supposed to do. I plan to talk with some folks about that when I can get a nice one on one, to see if I can nudge it towards what the program states and not a retest or uniform inspection etc. 
    • I'm an Eagle Scout, 10 years an SM, was Vice Chief of Ajapeu Lodge in my long ago youth.  Currently, my troop is viewed as the somewhat radical troop in my district because of how boy led we are --- if it's not a matter of health and safety, or of BSA or my CO's policy, then it's up to the scouts to decide, plan, and carry out their program.  "Things we've always done" and "the way we've always done it" are not arguments for doing or not doing something now.  I tell that to my scouts, and I think it applies to most of life. I have not been involved more than peripherally in my current lodge as an adult.  I'm friends with the guys who are; they seem happy with their role and my plate is full. I'm glad that girls will now have the same opportunity to grow in scouting the way that i and my sons did, because I believe in the program.  And as I've told several people locally in recent discussions, if I'd had daughters instead of sons I would have spent the last 15 years mad that they couldn't have the benefits of scouting.  I believe in the unique benefits of our program as a character, citizenship, and personal fitness development program for young people.  There's nothing in our program that young women today don't need just as much as young men do, and there's nothing in our program that isn't appropriate for young women to do.  I am pretty happy with the idea of retaining single gender troops, if/when my CO goes that way our troops will be separate in their meetings and programming, but will have the material support and access to the fifty plus years of equipment, knowledge, and experience that our current troop already has.  If the decision was to go full co-ed I would have liked it less, but I think the benefits to our nation of opening the program up to the other half of our young people would have outweighed even the down side of losing some of the advantages of single gender learning. As to OA, for me it was an opportunity to hang out with and spend time camping with older guys who shared my interests and ideas of fun.  It was then and should be now an honor society for scouts who are above and beyond the average.  Allowing female Venturers has been overdue for a while, and I've heard that from the female venturers in my council.  Frankly, my lodge would be stronger if some of them had been allowed membership.  As long as they've done the camping I'm fine with letting them in even outside of the Scouts BSA pathway; I don't really have an opinion on Sea Scouts and suspect the numbers are so low that they're participation is irrelevant.
    • @FireStone and @Buggie thank you for replying. Like I said, I am just curious.
    • In favor, with some concerns about how it all will work out but no reservations about it. I was a Webelos Scout and Boy Scout from the late 70's.  And yes, I wore the long socks with garters/tassels, but I wore a garrison cap. I did not stick with the program. 
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