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    • Wilderness Survival was never on the required list for Eagle. Bird Study, on the other hand, told a scout a lot about the environment he was in and how the actions of man impacted it. Which, I think, was the point of that MB being required in 1915 less than two decades after the passenger pigeon was declared extinct.
    • Too bad, ussscouts.org is like using a webpage from the mid 1990s.  Ugg.  Boyscouttrail.com?
    • I only got through 12 minutes before stopping (had to get my daughter from swim practice).  As soon as I heard “home-based, church-supported”, I cringed a little. Everyone will start with the best of intentions, but without a more concrete structure or plan I don’t see busy families creating something that will last longer than a few months at most.  Granted, there may be more laid out that I didn’t get to, but if that first twelve minutes is really all there is to it, I don’t see how it’s that much different than what a lot of us do with our kids on a regular day-to-day basis. 
    • A big part of this is structural.  Since troops are owned by Chartered Organizations there is an inherent longevity that does not exist in the GSUSA.  Further, the GSUSA has a rule (as I understand it) that requires that troops carry over no money year to year.  On the flip side, pack/troop bank accounts are never seen by the BSA or local council.  Our council has no idea how much money is in reserve in our troop.  We actively maintain a reserve so that we can spend as needed instead of constantly chasing money. 
    • The unit should set its own priorities provided operations conform to the BSA program.  Some folks are very community/service focused, and are big on visiting historic sites, and participating in patriotic ceremonies.  Others units may be into old school outdoor stuff, while others are trail preppies.   Some folks are fixated on inclusivity......Other units may struggle to achieve the most basic tasks, e.g. communicating via email or phone. I believe there is enough leeway to run a good program even if/when National strays.  No need to blame national for our own failures or mental illness.
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