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    • Some camps employ EMTs or paramedics as the health officer. More common for a EMT at day camps. Nurses such as RNs or LPNs are at resident camps.
    • I wonder sometimes if the staff knows this. I have never heard any staff ever state this at any training, except for when I staffed a training and was explicit about adult roles and scout roles.
    • Because the choices of one greatly impact everyone else. Hep A can pass when dealing with less sanitary condition combined with food, which sounds like every campout cooking situation. Measles can spread very quickly with even casual contact, and is pretty bad.
    • "The first leg of a July 2017 trip from Andrews Air Force Base to West Virginia was likely for a Boy Scouts event, where Tillerson, an Eagle Scout, was being honored." Rex Tillerson Spent $1 Million In Taxpayer Money Flying Around The Country, Watchdog Group Estimates
    • It is the right of the citizen to decide whether to vaccinate their children or not.  In Scouting, this is going to be the decision of the camp owners (presumably the council) so most of us are not involved in these decisions anyway.  Also, I'm sure there are laws related to how these issues should and should not be handled. When we want to encourage participation in Scouting, it is not a great idea to take on a controversial issue such as vaxing or not vaxing.  Why open the can of worms?  Parents can and should decide their preferences.  Why make it even harder for people to enjoy camp, when there have been no instances of issues at Scout camps? (that I know of, have there been?)  Why operate on fear?  Are there nurses at camp?  I am sure there are health officers, but the ABC forms are what we use. 
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