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    • Maybe this should not be used as an example, during the bankruptcy proceedings, to demonstrate how councils are separate and independent entities.  
    • From what I could find just looking up this type of project on google, calling things like this a "pile" isn't really doing it justice.  What you are effectively doing is deliberately creating all at once the kind of habitat that would be created over years in the woods.  Ideally, these aren't made by just haphazardly piling up logs and pouring dirt on top to fill in the gaps.  Instead, the scout will need to "craft" a habitat with a combination of hollows and gaps in some spaces, loose leafy dirt filling others, and plenty of air moving through the whole thing. The enclosure keeps things in a "pile" rather than allowing people and nature to knock or blow things flat over time.  (I'm sure serves to limit liability as well.  Any time you pile up logs basically anywhere, you've created a "kid magnet" with the potential to have shifting logs crush something.) I'm going to agree with some of the other folks though.  I don't see any particular problem with this project if it's done right.  If the scout is going to collect and organize the assembly of logs, branches, sticks, leaves, dirt and everything else from a variety of sources on the beneficiary's property, dig holes for stablizing poles and then craft the "pile" with care and attention to detail; I think this is a great project.  But I'd probably suggest doing more than one. Of course, if the beneficiary has equipment and drags all the supplies to the site themselves and the scouts just show up and start throwing things in the pile, I wouldn't consider it sufficient to "demonstrate leadership".
    • In this immediate moment I am going to suggest that it might be hazardous for the BSA to engage in almost any proactive messaging on YPT or the bankruptcy at this moment.  Anyone on this site could easily write the response that could come from an abused-claimant.  It could be: "the BSA does not get it" or "the BSA is insensitive with its statement" or worse.  These people need to be treated with kindness.  For now the best route might be to just quietly prepare our means by which we will try to give them some justice.   As for competitor organizations that are piling-on with their PR, this is part of the competitive market and they are taking advantage at this moment -- as they did when we repealed don't ask don't tell, formed all-girl Troops and our other recent progress.  My read is that Americans know this is obvious "kick them while they are down" behavior. 
    • Yes, I saw the commercial last night for the second time.  It is well done and to the point.  Historically, there was a time when BSA was a favorite image for ad copy and also appeared favorably in most local news.  We cannot overcome the bad image by ourselves, other than on our very local level.  And even then, we run into issues on occasion.  Our biggest resource is our ongoing service, not just Eagle projects, but numerous other activities.  We have a number of serious outdoor oriented units that do regular trail work and have put up markers in remote areas and after our fires, cleaned up some local park areas.  Why was this not know by the larger public?  So, lets hope the new leader, not from the ranks, will address this primary need, reaching beyond National with options for local use.
    • Large council, we seem to have 3 folks among the cast of thousands over to the office that have marketing in their title.  Honestly have never seen anything out there in the local wide wild world about the BSA in our metro are that was in fact actually generated by the council office.  Another 6 have "development" in their title.  I am guessing that all of them are in fact involved solely with raising money so they, the SE, the Asst SE, the multitude of directors and specialists all can keep getting paychecks.  When in doubt and to balance the numbers just add in some of those In School units.  Gotta look good to the donors
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