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    • In the case of Scouting, the BSA may dissolve in this bankruptcy, if so, it will be replaced and Scouting will move on.  IMHO, Scouting is an idea, a philosophy of life, not an organization.  Another $0.02,
    • And the Spanish scouts prefer a really tight and small friendship knot, while in the UK it's more of a bulky affair. [the rest of this is true but tongue in cheek] Then you gain another necker, and the special way of rolling two neckers together is taught, two separate points at the back and it looks "half and half", tied with a tiny friendship knot of course, and some of the kids start wearing it like a sash. All going to hell in a handcart clearly. And when they wear slides in the UK...they don't even call it a slide...degenerates. [US slide = UK woggle]
    • Right.  But, from a public policy perspective, do we as a country, really want to dismantle Congressionally chartered non-profit organizations where the entire staff and leadership is different today than when the offenses happened?  We're not talking firing the Executive Board and replacing the professionals.   Those pursuing these cases are talking about ending the BSA.  We all think our packs and troops are safe and our councils will be fine.  I don't buy it.  I expect that those pursuing these cases will find a way to argue that all councils are really part of the same master organization.  This will result in all kinds of catastrophic impacts on the local councils. This case is very different from the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church is a sovereign institution based in Rome.  The BSA is a non-profit organization based in Dallas. This would be more like dismantling the US Olympic Committee and decideding the United States should not particpate in Olympics anymore because of the abuse of athletes in the 60's to 90's.  In the case of the USOC, we'd fire the entire board and employees, replace them with a new administration, and prepare for the next Olympics.  In the case of Scouting, we're prepared to end the BSA.
    • Well, I happen to know the leadership of the other Troop as we had the experience of being in a Pack with them earlier and determining then that there was zero chance I ever wanted my child to be in a Troop that had those leaders. I was willing to stick it out for the Cub Scout years until they ran off our Cubmaster and, actually, all the other kids in the Pack except their own child. We jumped ship when everyone else did. Which is also a main reason why we have two Troops in our city instead of just the one.    They have visited our Troop. They appeared to have a really fun time. Our girls enthusiastically welcomed them, played games with them, and involved them in their activities. But the parents later tell us they picked the other Troop. No idea why, really. The other Troop has more experienced Scouts in that the older girls have been in Girl Scouts together since they were little. They are all working on their GSA and BSA requirements together. So I have no doubt that their kids are proceeding in their "Trail to Eagle" faster than ours are. If an Eagle Factory is what you want out of a Troop, yes, the other Troop is probably a better fit. Maybe that really is what these Webelos girls are looking for.  We are really working on that.  But there aren't a lot of Webelos / AOL girls in our city to pull from.  Our girls have a plan that goes through this Fall, and the next yearly planning meeting scheduled for June. We are actually not doing too badly in terms of recruiting NEW Scouts. We started with 3 girls signing on with the charter in July and we are up to 9. But the only Webelos girls we've been able to attract are either our own children or the younger relatives of other girls in our Troop. I think what's going on is that our girls look, and are, still new to Scouting for the most part. The other Troop is linked to a long-established Boy Troop, and as I mentioned earlier, the older girls in the Troop are experienced Girl Scouts who have been together for years. We can't really pretend to be something we're not. The question is how to convey to the families that what we have to offer is worthwhile even if it isn't as flashy as theirs.    I love this idea. You are right. We should put together a written calendar to give to all visitors to the Troop so they can see what's coming up. I also love the hand-written card idea for visitors.  Our Webelos aren't going to be in the same schools with our Scouts, or riding the same buses. They come from all over town and Middle School here starts in 6th grade. 
    • The friendship knot seems to be a pernicious "World Jamboree" style -- related to, but not all-inclusive of "international Scoutjng." The exchange/college student scouts who I've met who haven't gone to Jambo use the slide. How tight, and even the ritual they use to roll the necker, varies by country. In my WSJ swag, I had acquired as many slides as I did neckerchiefs.
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