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    • Surgical supply store? Is that next to Walmart? Barry
    • From someone who has unfortunately contracted Lyme's from a tick, this is not at all the method that the CDC recommends.  It causes the tick to regurgitate into the bloodstream before it backs out. https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/removing_a_tick.html
    • Not admonishing- it does add complexity for sure.  The Eagle candidates we've had since last fall had been fortunate that they had parents who were troop leaders, which made it easy enough to assure they had 1 pretty much accounted for, so only had to "recruit" 1 other adult for everything.  We have one current scout working on their project that doesn't have that luxury, and unfortunately has gone rogue a few days that has been an issue.  His project is for the CO, which hasn't helped him to fly under the radar from us. 
    • @mds3d   Letting us know your EP was 2002 would have been good to know.  The Current procedures were started in 2011.
    • Most of our competition -- other youth organizations -- generally do not have these kinds of issues.  There is usually a highly functional public interface, things are usually very organized, and the organizational messages and goals are coordinated from the top, wherever it is, down to the local level. I don't have any issue with BSA reexamining fees. It's understood that we have a financial crisis. I do have an issue with the timing and the total lack of contingency planning. Something has really gone off the rails and without some degree of honesty beyond the spin, I'm not sure what's next.
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