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    • The "Tell an adult" part covers that... the adult corrects the situation in an appropriate manner.  The main point is safety by teaching the kids to not touch the firearm and to leave the area.  The effectiveness is debatable, but the point is not political.
    • I would include "Call the police, report child endangerment", but I'm guessing the NRA wouldn't appreciate my opinion on the matter. The question I had was "Is Eddie the Eagle an official part of the BSA Shooting Sports curriculum, or did our instructor include it of his own volition?"
    • First of all, welcome to the forum! Yes, that is a new thing.  I am not sure how long it has been in effect since my Cub-leader days are long past (I made Life in 1974 and my only son made Eagle in 2009  ), but it has been less than three years.  I am not surprised that the Cubs are having a difficult time with it, because it's ridiculous to expect them to be able to do it, particularly the younger ones.  But that is the Word from National. It sounds very wrong.  First of all, as you know, the deadline is the 18th birthday, so if they literally "wait until they are 18" they won't make it at all.  Even "waiting" until you are 17 is a good recipe for not making it at all, because nothing ever takes the amount of time you think it will.  Especially at that age, youth tend to procrastinate, although it looks like you did not, since you made it at 15.  My son made Life at 14, and if he had moved at a reasonable pace, he would have made Eagle before his 17th birthday.  He did not move at a reasonable pace.  He ended up making Eagle 2 days (and zero business days) before his 18th birthday, and even then he made it because several people went out of their way for him.  That is what happens when you "wait."  It's a very bad thing to tell the kids.
    • Why not? IMHO, layers is layers whether a hike, whitewater rafting, or swim. Be prepared. 
    • That is a really good precautionary consideration. I know many of those lake well and even at lower elevation some of them could threaten hypothermia if care isn't taken. 
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