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    • This was my struggle as a Cubmaster.  I had every book and went to every class.  I knew the the "what" really well.  Yet, the BSA materials and training don't cover the "how".  Later I saw the same thing in the troop.  I knew we wanted the eigth methods, but "how" was not terribly well defiend.  As they said in school - the "how" was an exercise left to the reader.  So, as a result, we spent countless amounts of energy trying to figure it out. Yet, there's a part of me that wonders if the BSA should really try to define patrols to this level of detail.  What matters more - exactly how patrols are structured, or that patrol method is being leveraged in a way that maximizes it's benefits.  For example, there are various ways to accomplish @Eagledad's recommendation of developing a strong program by focusing on the quality of the older Scout program.   If we leverage that fact that there is shared comraderie in solving problems together, there is value in putting Scouts in patrols of the same age.  Scouts grow together and develop bonds together.  It can lead to a model where a patrol is strong buddy group - perhaps even one where Scouts become life long friends.
    • You could write it down, but I think it would be more effective to discuss it face to face at a leader's meeting.  Once you communicate your expectations, then continue to live them.  If someone is chronically disgegarding them, then ask them to move on. But, reading the earlier replies, three things I've picked up in my Scouting travels as a unit leader (CM & CC) Put program first.  Scouts, parents, other volunteers respond when it's about making sure the Scouts are active and having fun. Raise the bar.  As Cubmaster, you need to challenege the other leaders to deliver the best program in your district.  That you had a Tiger den leader who did nothing is inexcusable.  Half hearted uniforming - same thing.  Vaping in front of Scouts - same thing.  Everyone needs to be looking for ways to make this the absolute best program they can. Grow your pack.  The phrase "solo TIger Scout" is a red flag.  You should have 8+ TIger Scouts.  When you start to have a small group, you are stuck with whatever leaders show up.  WHen you have a big group, stronger leaders emerge.    Focus on program and actively look to grow.  Active, fun, well run packs turn into big, active, fun, well run packs. Best of luck!!!
    • Howdy,  fifthGenTexan….. Whoever  ends up being your  CM,  it all takes cooperation.  The Scouts, no matter what age, see and pick up on "what's right" in inter human behavior by being around other humans bigger and more powerful than they. Parents, Scout Leaders, do they argue, or discuss?  Do they INSIST and REQUIRE?  Do they cooperate and get things done or sit around and (shudder) drink beer at inopportune times? The best Scout Unit Committees in my experience have no "guidelines", if only the Scout Promise and Law.  These folks just know  what needs to be done how and talk and work and cooperate to get it done.  Some folks call it "consensus".  The best operating units , the CM or SM have a very good relationship, open and working, with the CCh.  Good luck to you.
    • Under 20 is my wish so this would work for me but my husband wants to be able to stand up in more than just the center of the tent so most done styles are out. And cabin style tents are all 30+ 😕  maybe I should just get one tent for him and one for me. 😅
    • Aw man, the next size up would be perfect if it weren’t almost 50 lbs. and so expensive.  Cool looking design though. 
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