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    • If you're clever you can also creates something like http://boys.troop123.org and http://girls.troop123.org assuming you now have http://www.troop123.org.
    • Welcome to the forum, @epiieq1. You just made two great decisions. First, you're helping out your son's den. Second, you're asking for ideas. I haven't been a den leader for a very long time but I would say, go to round tables (monthly district meetings of scouters) and get training for being a den leader. I never did these things and that was a mistake. One more thing, stick around the forum!
    • Oh my! Welcome to the forum. The two best days of owning a boat: The first and the last. That's likely your best option. I don't think you have much claim to that money. It's a sunk cost that's best forgotten. One thing you might do is set up individual scout accounts, make sure there's a policy that says if you change troops you can take your money to the new troop, and then leave. Not sure what the odds of that working are, though.
    • Always curious when this topic comes up, how National is de-emphasizing adventure-  Maybe it's just me, but with all of the new programs at each of the High Adventure bases, councils doing everything from cave exploring to climbing, whitewater, mountain biking, not to mention pistols, ATV's PWC's, ziplines, etc.  What exactly has National taken out of the program?  Other than sending patrols of boys off on their own for camping (while there are those that say it destroyed the patrol method, frankly, my troop in the 70's didn't allow that, and I haven't found any of my peers who have said their troop or parents were Ok with it either). 
    • TLDR: The “old guard adults” (parent’s whose sons have ages out of the troop) basically run our troop committee and just voted to spend a large sum of money.  The parents with scouts currently in the troop had basically no say in the decision. Just a quick backstory here.  Our troop owns a 21-foot motor boat that that was donated to the troop several years ago.  This boat is stored at the house of one of the old guard adults (I think he officially owns the boat as well).  We take the boat on troop outings maybe once or twice a year.  I believe that the rest of the time, the boat is used for personal use.  Recently the boat stopped working on one of our troop outings.  The old guard adults somehow think that the issue was due to the scouts misuse of the boat, but in reality, it was simply due to age and wear and tear. So at our last troop committee meeting, the committee just voted to spend $4,000 from our troop account to fix the boat.  Most of the parents did not even know that a committee meeting or a vote was taking place to spend this large sum of money.  The committee chair is one of the old guard adults, and our troop committee is mostly made up of old guard adults.  Invites for the meeting where only sent out to troop committee members.  And all of parents with scouts currently in the troop who did show up (like myself), are serving as ASMs, and were not allowed to vote (even though I have 2 son’s in the troop and most of the voting committee members no longer have any kids in the troop).  The money being spent was money raised by scouts in the troop through fundraising.  I have had some informal discussions with the parents who have scouts currently in the troop, and most would rather see the money used towards other things that would more directly benefit the scouts. So what can we do? I know that this issue should be brought to our chartered organization, except that we don't have a charter organization.  On paper, we are charted by a local church, but the church has actually been closed for about 10 years.  I think we have the former pastor sign as the COR, but he has zero interest in anything that goes on in the troop. Also as far as going to the council, the issue there is that many of the old guard adults are really involved in the council, and I doubt that we would get fair treatment there.  I know at least one sits on the council board.  Even more significantly, many old guard adults have donated large sums of money to the council (several of them wear James E West award knot).  And that is what makes this whole situation even more annoying, since they obviously have the money to fix the boat themselves, without needing to take it out of our scout's program funds.  In my opinion, they just want to "teach the scouts a lesson" on respecting property, but like I said above, it wasn't even the scouts fault, just simply wear and tear. Many of the parents with scouts in the troop are ready to break away and form our own troop.  But we would like to at least get funds that our scouts raised as well as the troop camping equipment (we could care less about the motor boat).
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