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    • @Eagledad good post. this National guideline also has two other purposes. First, it forces Scouts to talk to their SM first, rather than get a blue card at the Scout Shop and go see any MBC without ever meeting with SM. Secondly, there is a marginal element of protecting MBC privacy because it prevents people from widely sharing full contact info in list form for all MBC.
    • Prohibited! Like breaking a law or something? My post was specific to the MB college discussion. The organizers of the MBC provided a list of classes, but not counselors. The scouts were guided to call the organizers and get the counselor information. A lot of the times the organizers hadn't found a counselor yet, so the scout couldn't find out about the counselor until they went to the MBC, where the SM stood by to sign the cards once the scouts got the information. A bit of a hassle, but as I said, MBC wasn't that big of deal for our troop.  As for the rules; in my opinion National guideline is more about the troop's obligation to provide a source of safe counselors for the scouts, not restrict the scouts from using someone that is not on the list. What about parents, friends and acquaintances?  I believe the rule is mainly telling the unit to verify the scout's counselor. It used to be that MB counselors were the source of most abuse complaints from scouts. National is just trying to get the unit leaders to be more responsible in checking out these volunteers.  Barry
    • I don’t see the need to waterproof it. Just buy a good quality bag so it’ll last a while. Mine costed around $100, but I’ve been using it for over 5 years and it’s still in perfect condition and doesn’t get wet from humidity or condensation. 
    • Not in my experience with my two sons, it is a bureaucratic and often problematic pain in the... There is no reason to repeatedly state and document a disability for each rank; it just reaffirms his/her disability to the child which is something we do not want to do! And why can't the unit discretely do this independently? Why does Council have to get involved to give permission? https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/special-needs/advancement-flexibility-allowed/ That said, maybe the BSA should step back and re-evaluate this path but first ask should every scout of rank X complete the same requirements for rank X (old scouting) or should  rank requirements continue to change by Council to accommodate so every scout can earn that rank?  My $0.02    
    • For a new down bag, you shouldn't need it.  The bag should already be "waterproof" enough as long as it is clean.  The outershell will already have the same "waterproofing" as you would get with a Nikwax treatment. Keep in mind that when we talk about "water-proofing", we're really talking about protection against humidity and cold-weather condensation - not rain or puddles in the tent. What damages the "waterproofing" the most is dirt - when the  sleeping bag gets dirty, washing it using the Nikwax cleaning product should be enough to bring back the "waterproofing" of the bag.  Only if the bag is really well-used (like say after a through-hike on the AT), should you need to go with the full Nikwax treatment. I don't use it myself (mainly because I no longer use sleeping bags at all) but one of my friends does and swears by Nikwax - he believes it has extended the life of his down bag though he has never had to do the "full" treatment - he just washes the sleeping bag about once a year.
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