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    • Are you referring to temporary patches as worn on the right pocket? Well, I just sew them on when I want to wear them on my uniform. When I want to switch out the old patch for a new one, I remove the former with a small seam-ripper, then I sew the new one right on the pocket (by hand so that I can still use the pocket). The whole process takes only 10 - 20 minutes depending on size of the patch. So far, none have ever fallen off my shirt. So, my experienced recommendation is: the ol' needle n' thread. 
    • Our troop charges $30 above the required fee.  This provides a necker, slide, patrol patch and advancement/MBs the first year.  All campouts including summercamp  are charged separately in advance.  Try and network.  Does someone's grandfather or someone at the CO own some property where you can camp?  What about shooting sports/hunting clubs in the region? beg and borrow equipment in the beginning.  many communities have facebook pages devoted to local happenings, post that the new troop is looking for tents and items that might be taking up space in someone's garage.  people are happy to help the scouts when they can and maybe that old tent will only last a year but by then there should be some fundraiser money in the bank.  Also, depending on what tents you eventually buy, do not pay retail!  Several companies give scout discounts on tents. we sell popcorn and do an annual fundraiser as well.  the two combined replace any needed tents and purchase any new equipment like staves or rope.  our troop also assists with leadership training costs so some cash goes there.
    • They took "A Scout is Friendly" to a whole new level.  I was once the District Rep on an EBOR and as we were reading the letters of recommendation, one was from his sister who was heaping praise on her brother for being such a good father.  The two were still "living in sin" under her parents' roof.  Well, the Troop Committee members were livid, primarily because we were blindsided by the SM who thought it wasn't "relevant".  It was not a unanimous vote.  The scout appealed to Council, who rubber stamped it.  The CO was a Methodist Church.  
    • I don't generally wear the temporary patches, but occasionally want to.

      When I do, they ALWAYS fall off at some point.

      Is there a good way to keep them affixed? Should I just give up?

    • I've been in multiple troops that do it differently.  Scouts bringing their own tent makes life easier for the adults.  BUT, there are lots of benefits to the troop owning the tents.  It gives the QM something meaningful to do.  It gives the troop things to do at meetings (setup, clean, put away, etc).  It's also a great leveling aspect as everyone has the same stuff.  It doesn't become a competition for who has the best tent.  Also, you can avoid scouts bringing party tents.  I swear half the trouble at night is when you have five or six scouts sharing one tent.  There is something about two in a tent that causes them to fall asleep faster.  Most importantly, everyone having matching tents makes for a sharp looking camp site.   Our troop had matching tents for ten plus years.  We replace one every other year or so.  Now, I'd say we are at about one new tent a year and we have 15+ in our trailer.   For a new troop, I'd avoid big cost items.  Heck, I'd think it might be cool to have a patrol go to a second hand shop (goodwill, savers, ...) and have them pick out what they need.  Silverware.  Plates.  Cups.  Skillets.  Etc.  It would be a cool way to stock a patrol.  Plus, when the patrol crashes, donate that patrol's stuff and let the new patrol go shopping again.  I bet you could get most of the cook stuff for under $20 from a second hand shop.  Except lanterns and stove.  
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