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    • I would add 3 points. SM does not count against the 1/3 limit as long as he/she has been SM for at least the last 12 months. The term is an "adult nomination", which means the Troop Committee nominates adults, they are not elected. Once they are nominated the nominee must be recommended to the Supreme Chief of the FIre (a fancy title for SE) by the Lodge Adult Selection Committee. If the SE approves then nominees become candidates for induction and must go through Ordeal to become members. Lodges vary on how strict they are on the recommendation/approval/process.  Some send all (or almost all) adults through, others control the number more tightly because of the naturally high percentage of Adults to youth and the Lodge's needs. (see #3 below) Per OA bylaws, adults are recommeded based on their ability to server the Lodge/Council and should fulfill some purpose or meet some need (I ama paraphrasing).  So as an adult, you are not on the ballot for election, there is a seperate nominating form for adults.  
    • The only difference with Creative Cloud (vs Creative Suite) is that you install the apps from the cloud rather than via CD or DVD. There is no way to use them without installing them to your desktop. I have been using Adobe Tools since Photoshop 1.0 and Illustrator 88 (and Aldus Freehand). The formats are still the same (.psd, .ai, .esp) with a few new formats since then.  I have not used them professionally in years, but I still maintain a license to freelance on the rare occasion and dabble a bit for fun. Functionally, they are basically the same tools they have always been, but with more bells and whistles (and more crossover). 
    • I saw a news report today that said the armed deputy sheriff who was working at the school took a defensive position outside the school instead of doing his job protecting the students from the shooter. I am disgusted.   
    • As I understand it " regulated " in this context means to be " in good working order"
    • Your edit was both sufficient and funny. 
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